Nicole Alvarez: Free Conrad Murray!

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Dr. Conrad Murray's girlfriend, Nicole Alvarez, is begging the court to let him out of jail pending his appeal, claiming he's a "good father" to their toddler.

Somehow we don't see it happening.

Nicole Alvarez, who testified during Murray's involuntary manslaughter trial last fall, filed a declaration of support for Murray Thursday, in which she says if Murray is released, he will live with her and their two-year-old son in Santa Monica, Calif.

Murray in Court

It's not the most powerful or emotional letter. Alvarez says, "Dr. Murray is the father of my child," adding, he "has been our primary source of support."

Moving stuff right there.

It's unclear how much support Murray can provide now, considering his medical license has been revoked and he's likely spent a fortune on legal fees.

Murray's hearing for bail pending appeal of his conviction is scheduled for Friday in L.A. The D.A. opposes bail, saying Murray is a danger to society.

Should be open and shut: No bail.


and they found other drugs in his body that the doctor given him but they was only concern with the 2 so someone doesnt know if you cant take different pills like that he shouldnt have given him the drugs if you are drunk in the bar and the bartender gives you more and you die or have accident it is his fault


let him free & he can be the doctor for nicole and her family and when someone is having an heart attack or he gives them drugs knowingly that it could cause them harm and cause they are cool hes going to give it to him anyway dont call the police when the doctor is off the phone talking to his bitch he will call the ambulance i bet you this lady is white in case you didnt know that 4 years he got is the same what they give any street dope dealer when they find them


Here's an idea, if the dock knew Michael had a problem, why in the heck did he give the meds. His people that were working on the show knew there was a problem and needed help but was told by the doc to butt out. There were things going on in Michael's life for a lot of years but he didn't deserve to die. It is easy for people to judge others without understanding these people are human beings have problems. Murray took advantage of the situation to make money, not to help his friend and deserves what he got plus some and I wish there was a way to put Joe Jackson there beside him.


As far as amount of meds in his system what hasn't been mentioned at the trial was the half life of this drug. when doing sedation daily it is very easy to get to full blood concentration with a small dose. How many other doctors gave MJ that drug to sleep before Murray took him on as a patient. Murray was just a sleep to notice the airway obstruction that is the cause of MJ death not high levels of diprivan. If the levels were abruptly high from rapid administration MJ would have had convulsions. Does CM deserve some kind of punishment probably for lying and covering up evidence but that whole trial he had no chance for a fair defense he was crucified by Michael Pastor JD.


this judge had it out for Conrad Murray. it is clear the judge knows nothing about diprivan aka propofol and how widely its used in the field for conscious sedation. This whole case was about sending a message to doctors who treat celebrities. Had this happened to anyone else this would have been a malpractice suit and the doctor would still be practicing. When Conrad gets out he can find a very cushy job working as a medical consultant for some insurance company deciding which medical claims get paid. I believe what happened here is Conrad fell asleep on the job and then panicked and lied to cover it up. His GF was probably on the phone with him trying to keep him awake. As far as Michael Jackson goes this was bound to happen to him sooner or later, just bad timing and luck for Murray.



Ms billie

The bastard killed Michael Jackson what time he got wasn't nearly enough he should rot in jail. Nicole can take her sorry ass out and get a damn job....


I have a idea GET A JOB


Free him no keep him that bitch killed the singer I really really love mj and it sucks that hes not here so he can stay where hes at


Please that stupid "my instrument" give me a break. What she doing with a married sugar daddy anyway.....she just wants attention, how's that acting career going for your getting much older instrument........keep him in jail, he should have gotten longer time........what prevents him from skipping country and going back to his homeland, only to do it again to someone else.