Lindsay Lohan to SNL: Anything Goes!

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Lindsay Lohan has been on the receiving end of jokes from Saturday Night Live for years, and she's ready to embrace that fact when she hosts the show this weekend.

Rather than trying to keep her career downward spiral and brushes with the law off limits, Lohan has reportedly made it clear that nothing is out of bounds on SNL.

Lindsay has been dying to do the show as a way to re-establish her career and reached out to creator / executive producer Lorne Michaels personally to make it happen.

Banging it Out

According to our sources, Lindsay is aware of her own absurdity and plans on using all the unpleasantness from the last couple of years as fodder for the show.

Lohan wants to show she's a good sport who's "in on the joke."

It's unclear what they have planned, but there could be any number of skits involving DUIs, alleged necklace heists, jail stints, mug shots ... and on and on.

Give a girl credit for being able to poke fun at herself at least.



My gosh @ kambrisha hall learn how to spell please and use grammar. Mine may not be perfect but holy cow, did you even go to school? Lindsay shouldn't even get a chance to be on SNL. Why? Why should she be allowed to make money / profit of her woes? She shouldn't be profiting off her DUIs, alleged necklace heists, jail stints, mug shots, arrests... and on and on. What kind of message does that send to young women that follow her, the few fans that she may have left? Yes... Maybe she should get another chance but not this way and I believe its way too soon.


We saw Lindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan at Domingo Zapata's Oscars Art Show, along with Jason Segel, Taylor Armstrong, and more! Watch our Lindsay Lohan, Dina Lohan video here! Thanks!


She will be great-i cannot wait


i honestly think that everbody /media should give her a break everoine should give her another chance. yea she hasdid some bad things but besides that she is a good person im sure verbidy makes mistakes even famous people.just give her another chance to bring her carrer back to the top she was the teen sensation as an actress but now she has just dropped al the way down .........just give her another chance because everone needs one


I bet she sounds like a duck with a lisp.

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