THG Asks: Should Lindsay Lohan Host SNL?

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Today, THG Asks: Should Lindsay Lohan host SNL?

YES. By Free Britney

I can hear my colleague now. Lindsay Lohan is just a train wreck, he'll say. She's not even in a movie or TV show! This is all just a ratings grab! Yup, all true. You finished?

Saturday Night Live is a TV program. Its purpose: Bring in famous guest hosts who help deliver laughs and ratings that will deliver advertising revenue. Lindsay will do both.

In three previous stints as host, Lohan was terrific. She's lost her way in recent years, as I'll be the first to point out. But she's still an actress by trade. A decent one even!

Why wouldn't Lorne Michaels, who she looks up to as a father figure, not give her another shot? Besides, given her ability to poke fun at herself, they'll have great material.

And since when is SNL the embodiment of class, the zenith of comedy, the entertainment bellwether that determines which stars are deserving a broader platform?

I'm a lifelong SNL fan, but the idea that it has standards is laughable. LiLo's young, hip, topical and talented, and will likely do a better job than most by all measures.

She and SNL want to work together. End of story. You don't have to feel compassion for Lindsay or like her. But don't make this out to be some unfair travesty.

Crazy Lohan

NO. By Hilton Hater

At this point in her "career," there are only two reasons for Lindsay Lohan to appear on television:

  1. If a court date is televised.
  2. If a show is in desperate need of ratings.

Because Saturday Night Live is neither a news program nor a series that has to worry about cancellation, the decision to bring Lohan on board as host is downright pathetic.

This is someone who has not starred in a hit movie since 2004. She has not appeared on a TV show since 2008. She has no album to promote, no reason to be in the spotlight at all except in an attempt to rehabilitate her image.

And why should an institution such as SNL assist the trainwreck with that mission? Since when is the iconic sketch comedy show in the business of featuring celebrities that are famous only for their run-ins with the law?

Lohan is not an actress, athlete or a musician. She's nothing but a DUI and probation violation waiting to happen. Now she will be sharing the same stage that has been frequented by Presidential candidates, foreign dignitaries and Alec Baldwin.

For shame, Lorne Michaels. For shame.

THG Asks you ... should Lindsay host SNL?


why not? give her a break :)


She looks like a fifty year old woman in that picture!


How is she supposed to resuscitate her career..when no one will give her a chance? Long live LiLo!! I would watch her anytime.




There wasn't a maybe because I never watch it so that would be the rest of the druggies and drunks to watch and enjoy.


I don't usually invite people like her into my home, and I'm afraid watching SNL with Lindsay Lohan will be like watching a train wreck. Hard to watch, impossible to look away. She did have talent, but talent, unused and abused, dissipates. I hope Lorne knows what he's doing here. As for Maya Rudolph hosting? This past Saturday night, with her in almost every sketch, was one of the best shows of the season. Is she a star? SNL has a history of inviting former cast members back. Incidentally, RJB and GL, you must not have heard of the small movie BRIDESMAIDS which was a huge hit, co-starring, wait for it, Maya Rudolph? She's starred, yes starred, in another film as well, and is currently in a sitcom on the same network as NBC.


This will be a ratings bonanza for SNL regardless of her bad behavior. Besides, she is certainly more deserving of hosting (she has had success in the entertainment field) than the trashy Kardashians are of having 3-4 tv shows. What does all of this say about the USA? It's all pathetic if you think about it.


Like hosting SNL is some sort of sacred position. The show sucks anyway. Maybe she'll liven it up.


SOMEBODY is not aging well, at all. Is she in her 20's??? She looks late 40'ish to me..@randyjacksonsbutt: I agree about Maya Rudolph- how did she ever get a job , anyway? But, I disagree about Alex Baldwin- I never tire of seeing him on SNL. He is one of the few guests who actually make me laugh out loud.


Tell me why this industry promotes bad behavior.. She is broke and begging for work, problem is that she is not a good actress and Addictions are forever, and we all know that it takes 5 to 7 rehabs for one to kick any type of addiction.. Rehab facilities for the star's cost thousands weekly and its like a resort.. Put them in rehab facilities that treat the poor and middle class and bet you they wise up pronto..

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