Kobe Bryant to Vanessa Bryant: I Won't Cheat on You Ever Again, I Swear!!

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Kobe Bryant is going all out to save his marriage.

The L.A. Lakers star has reportedly sworn up and down to wife Vanessa Bryant that he will never, ever stray again if she calls off their divorce and takes him back.

Kobe has "aggressively pursued" Vanessa over the last 2-3 weeks, and she's been pretty receptive ... but she still isn't sure the marriage can be resurrected. 

When we say aggressively, we don't just mean promises of faithfulness. We mean gifts. He's reportedly given Vanessa a VERY expensive piece of jewelry.

Kobe, Vanessa

Kobe famously gave Vanessa a $4 million "adultery ring" after she stood by him during his infamous affair / rape trial in 2003 (Bryant was acquitted of all charges).

As for whether they will drop the divorce - the terms of which are finalized but which does not become official for months - they are working on a reconciliation.

Sources very familiar with the couple say they both love each other and not to rule out the possibility that the marriage will be saved, despite Kobe's cheating.

On the flip side, Vanessa Bryant and the couple's two kids were in New York City over the weekend, looking for a big apartment ... not exactly a good sign.

Vanessa, now worth at least $75 million, won't say if she's packing up and moving from California for good, but she definitely wants to buy a place in NYC.

Kobe reportedly knows she's shopping in the Big Apple, and isn't happy about it. Could she be planning on skipping town for good? Using this as leverage?

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stay put with Kobe he loves you...


kobe was never acquitted, he settled(aka cash payment)


I do wish that Kobe would reconcille with Vanessa, but it really is up to KOBE in the sense that he must STOP all his skirt-chasing and womanizing. Vanessa isn't out chasing cute guys! WHY on Earth does Kobe need these women who only take him into their beds as another famous hash mark they can draw on their lipstick cases?
Kobe has 2 adorable young daughters who must alos weigh heavy on his mind and I know he just loves his girls so very much.
I hope he returns to his Catholic faith; I hope Kobe remembers that God and only God can help him put his sins to bed and grow up to be the man that God designed him to be.


Half of everything he's got. Plus the kids. Vanessa surely hit the jackpot when she married Kobe! My guess is that she knew this scenario will play out even at the very beginning. 10 years and counting...and oh yes it's pay-day at last!


It is indeed cheaper to keep her. RUN VANESSA!


Nobody is perfect venessa ,forgive n move on


VANESSA I hope you happen to read this post... I have been where you are. Only I stayed. Every event that should have been happy was miserable. The day my daughter started kindergarten I had only found out that my husband had cheated. I was blindsided. I went thru the motions , recording her first day, taking pictures, later on depression and weight loss took its toll. My kids were my greatest joy, by staying with this asshole ruined every effing memory. I was consumed with checking emails phone records , One day God saw fit to smack some sense into me I saw this jerk for what he was. Instead of crying about wasted years I became determined he would not waste another minute of my life. I threw his stuff on the curb with my daughters help , and never looked back, To this day he is hopping from one hoe to another ,and he did beg to come back. This man will never be faithful. Enjoy your kids growing up , staying with him will only make you bitter. good luck


Think about this folks: Kobe can have just about any woman he wants. He is a Super Star! Vanessa has her 75 Million and can do whatever she wants to do. But, the way I see it, Kobe loves that woman and I believe the feeling is mutual! Remember Michael Jordan, Shaqulle, and Magic Johnson. Guys in high profile careers find it hard to resist ALL the beautiful women that throw themselves at them.
The mere fact that he is begging her to reconcile, tells me that she is the REAL Love of his life! GOOD LUCK KOBE IN THE PURSUIT OF YOUR WIFE.


Hey, I'm a black woman and I say take the money honey lol.. I am sick and tired of hearing about celebs men cheating. This should be a lesson to all men, it's cheaper to keep them than cheating on them.

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