Nate Dogg Sex Tape: Real, Up For Bids!

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A Nate Dogg sex tape featuring the late rapper/singer and an unidentified female lover has surfaced and is being shopped to various media outlets, TMZ reports.

The tape, shot several years ago, is pretty standard by sex tape standards.

Read: There is a lot of sex going on, from various positions, while a sexy Luther Vandross soundtrack plays in the background. Almost sounds romantic, no?

Nate Dogg Pic

The person in possession of the Nate Dogg sex tape is currently shopping it around to the usual sex tape purveyors/studios. So far, no takers. But just wait.

If nothing else, the private collector that just paid big bucks to snap up the Tupac sex tape might want another addition to his pile of random celebrity porn.

Nate Dogg died last March at the age of 41.


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