Jon Gosselin on Being a Single Dad: Loving It!

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Jon Gosselin says he is loving life these days as a single dad. That's good, we suppose. Better than hating it, since it's the current state of affairs either way!

Jon recently split from girlfriend Ellen Ross, but unlike sad, lonely Kate Gosselin, he’s moving forward with his held head high, embracing his single status.

“I am doing great, moving on with my life, focusing on my kids and work,” he told Star.

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“I’m in a much better place in my life ... right now, I’m just hanging out with friends, meeting new people, working and trying to focus on my kids."

“Being a single dad with no interruptions has really brought me closer to my children: Truthfully, I feel it has improved my self-awareness and well-being.”

Jon Gosselin said his eight children are flourishing, too.

“They know that I love them, and it’s important that they enjoy their childhood,” he said. “I always made sure that I am the constant in their life.”

Jon said despite being unlucky in love at times, he’s still got the idea of getting remarried in the back of his mind, but won’t rush down the altar.

“I still have a lot of work to do on myself, and I am an extremely busy person, between work and the children,” the Pennsylvania native told Star.

“My family is the most important thing in my life. I will strive to make it better for them, and to be a better person myself, each and every day.”


Tonight was the second time Iv'e watched Kate +8 and I'm afraid I had to turn it off. I find Kate to be a drama queen and a bit of a prima donna. She can be rude and obnoxious when dealing with people and its not nice to watch. The children are absolutely adorable and seems to have good manners and a great sense of humour. Iv'e never seen the dad but it's obvious they take after him


it is good that u r moving with ur life ... a lone.. away from dirty kate.. she is having lots of fun wiht her body guard....
who wouldnt cheat at a control freak wife


Jon you needed to man up a long time ago. I feel so bad for Kate and the children. You had an affair on Kate while she was raising your children! How dare you! You knew better. Why did you even renew your wedding vows? Kate loved you then and she loves you now. You both should have some kind of therapy and work things out for your family. You were so good together. You have sewn your wild oats and it is time to grown up and be the family that you can be. I pray for your family often actually. I miss watching your children grow up. I do hope the best for Kate and for you. Take time and look back at the good times with your wife Jon. Good Luck.


Kudos Jon!


Thank you Jon for coming out of your duche bag phase. Then again if I was married to Psycho Witch I would have went wild for a time too! Keep up the good work!


funny how jon can take care of the all on his OWN and she can't . the things that make you go hmmm


Way to move on with your life Jon! Obviously your xwiife Kate hasn't moved on, she still craving the attention from the media. If Kate doesn't want her face spladdered all over the Internet and papers she needs to quit doing interviews, she done one with Dr Drew and she still on that feel sorry for me trip! All the interviews Kate has done is the same questions and anwers, she's not a very intelligent lady! I think Kate is addicted to twitte, she stays on twitter because she wants to spladder her name out their so her so call fans will say good things abouth her, Kate's known to prey on her fans that's left!


Thank gawd! Those kids deserve to have a normal life outside of the limelight and hopefully now their parents will stop trying to find ways to thrust themselves back into it. Wishing them nothing but the best!!


WAY TO GO JON!!! You are doing a great job and your children will thank you one day. Your response shows you are on the right track.


Good for Jon. At least he has admitted to making mistakes, that is more than can be said for "wo is me" Kate Gosselin who can't stop blaming her children for her misrable life instead of taking a good hard look in the mirror.


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