Jermaine Jackson to Bobbi Kristina Brown: Stay Strong!

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Tragically, Jermaine Jackson can relate to Bobbi Kristina Brown. Both have lost loved ones under the intense glare of the public spotlight.

So, with Whitney Houston's 18-year old daughter reportedly nearing a breakdown and with her family hoping she enters rehab, what advice would Jermaine offer the teenager?

"She's got to stay strong and be with her family," the former Jackson 5 member told Us Weekly last night. "There are so many bad influences... [you have to] go back to the basics. Surround yourself with love from your family. That's the most important thing."

Jermaine Jackson in London

Jackson was close to the late artist. He worked with Houston on her first album, spoke to her mother yesterday and said he considered Whitney a "good friend."



Wow sad r.i.p MJ and whitney


Omfg jermaine has gone thru da same thing


Wait a minute' losing a Mother is somehow different then loosing a Brother' though both loved them equally'...Bobbi Kristina is so lost without her Mother' I feel her' cause I'am there and this pain never goes away'..Bobbi kris only had one Mother' Jacksons has many Brothers' yes he is right stay with family but even that will not heal her heart' She should stay close to her Nana' they need each other be strong for another' Cause no one understand the pain she is going through...The Media should stop making up Dang story lines


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