The-Dream on Chris Brown-Rihanna Duets: Her Idea!

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Chris Brown and Rihanna raised more than a few eyebrows this week with their remixes of her hit "Birthday Cake" and his "Turn Up the Music" this week.

Those two surprise collaborations have been followed by rumors that the singers may soon be collaborating in other ways, if you know what we mean.

We mean sexually.

If you're wondering who put the reunion in motion (musically, that is), The-Dream, who produced the "Birthday Cake" remix, would know: Rihanna.

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Rihanna and Chris Brown Picture

"It was Rih's idea," he tells Billboard. "[Rihanna] is a friend of mine."

"It's like, 'You wanna do something? Then cool, let's do it.' I don't know how she got the logistics, how it happened; maybe she'll talk about it one day."

"I showed up at the studio, and it was like, 'All right, cool, let's finish this record,' which we probably should have finished the first time we did it."

According to The-Dream, he approached the project solely on its musical merits and ditched any of the controversial baggage that may come with it.

"For me, it's just music: two talented people doing two records together, that's what it was," he says. "It wasn't about an incident that happened."

He does acknowledge that the remixes' controversy, however ...

"I think [the topic] that should be more on the tongues is: How do we proclaim to be a nation of forgiving ... but we can't actually do it?" he asks.

"It actually makes you look weaker than your adversary, in a way, if you don't have the power to forgive but you lie and say that you did."

"If [Rihanna] can forgive," he says of Brown's assault on her three years ago, "that's where she is mentally. As a friend, it's like, 'OK, cool. Let's roll.'"

Fair. But do you think it's smart for Rih and Chris to date again?

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