How Did Aretha Franklin React to Whitney Houston's Death?

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In the wake of Whitney Houston's death, the public has heard numerous responses from those that knew the legend well (Ray J) to know those speculating wildly in order to increase ratings (Nancy Grace).

But few were closer to Houston than Aretha Franklin, the artist's godmother. She spoke to The Today Show this morning about actually hearing the tragic news.

"I had just finished watching George Clooney in The Descendants and I flipped back to the regular TV and maybe two minutes after I did that, it came across the screen. I just jumped off the side of the bed [and said] 'What?' This could not be. What is this? I just said, 'Oh my, God.'"

Aretha Franklin on Today

Franklin said she had seen previews for Sparkle, a film Houston had recently completed shooting, and was confident the movie would lead to a comeback.

"She looked fresh, she looked healthy and she looked gorgeous," the iconic singer said. "I thought, 'Yes, she has conquered her challenges and she's on the way.'"

Aretha will sing at Houston's funeral tomorrow and hopes the public doesn't focus on "the challenges" her goddaughter faced, but, instead, on all the positive aspects of her life.

She even penned the following lyrics to memorialize Houston:

Twinkle twinkle superstar/We don't wonder where you are/Up above the world so bright/Like a diamond in the night/Twinkle twinkle she stood alone/I can't believe that she's gone.


Some people has nothing better to do then judge. Leave that to God.


Leave Aretha alone she is not the only one in the world that didnt go to a funeral. U forget these singers are human aswell. They have feelings, So ease up off of Aretha.

Wv peach

Where was Aretha Franklin during Whitney's service? Isn't she Whitney's godmother? Unless Aretha was in the hospital hooked up to multiple I.V.'s, she should have been present! I can understand not being able to sing, but the emotional support for the family would have probably been welcomed. Aretha, you've dissappointed me terribly.


I do know that Aretha is the Composer of the songs, Call Me (the moment you get there) Daydreamin (and I'm thinking of You) and Rock Steady (Let's call this song exactly what it is). Aretha's sister Carolyn penned Numerous songs for Aretha including Ain't No Way (on that background you can hear the opera vocal range of Cissy Houston) and Angel (gotta find me an angel to fly away with me). Aretha had great successes with other artists' cover songs including You're all I Need to get by ( Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell) Gentle on My Mind (Glen Campbell) Bridge over troubled Waters (Simon and Garfunkel) and
of course RESPECT (recorded first by Otis Redding/songwriter).
It is No secret that I am a diehard Aretha fan!!


Well, at least we know she never wrote any of her own music! She has the skills of a very bright pre-schooler.


so when did reatha turn into jabba the hut?

Wv peach

I'm with you Leo! I remember watching the original Sparkle and singing all the songs into my "microphone"....which was really a big hairbrush! Lol! Aretha is looking better these days; hopefully she can keep the weight off. I know Whitney's death has been devastating to Aretha.


35 years later, and "one moment in time"!! Through Hollywood columnist "Miss Rona" and Aretha's press agent Howard Brandy, I asked for and receive 2 autograph photographs of Aretha back in 1976. At the time Aretha was in Chicago putting together the soundtrack with Curtis Mayfield for the movie SPARKLE. One of Aretha's hits from that LP was Something He Can Feel. The movie starred a young Irene Cara, Lonette McKee, Dorian Harewood, and Phillip Michael Thomas (before he hit it big on Miami Vice). I am a die hard Aretha fan, and it just warms my heart
to know that as Whitney's Godmother, these 2 women would have "The Sparkle Connection" 35 years later.
The 2 autographed pictures that I have of Aretha are of her from The Sparkle album wearing a thin turban as a headdress. One picture she is smiling shyly, and the other one she is gleefully smiling while winking her left eye. An Aretha fan from The Swinging 60's!!

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