Ray J Misses Whitney Houston, Releases Statement on Singer's Passing

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For the first time since the death of Whitney Houston, the man who most recently dated this legendary singer has spoken out.

In a just-released statement, Ray J says: "Over the past few days, I've tried to process the emptiness that I am experiencing. What my heart feels cannot be expressed in words. The world lost an icon, but I lost my close friend."

Ray J and Whitney had been together for a few months prior to her passing, and were spotted out in Los Angeles about a week before she died. Sources say Ray raced to the Beverly Hills Hilton as soon as the tragic news broke.

Ray J Photograph
Whitney Houston on a Red Carpet

"Nippy, I miss you so much!" Ray J added, using a nickname given to Whitney by her father. "You were so happy and full of love. Your smile will live in my heart forever."

Yes, this is the same Ray J best known to most as the man who filmed himself having intercourse with Kim Kardashian.

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Much security so no one kicks his ass for all the back stabbing he does.


Ray j mourning?please he is probably trying to figure a way money off Whitney death.oh wait maybe he took photos and sent it to the enquirer.sex tape,books maybe photos.who knows his music isn't exactly doing anything for him.big mouth thats why he has so m


i sympathize with anyone who is going thru the grief process after loosing someone special.... i do however, have a problem with people such as this young man who, for whatever reason never saw the need to acknowledge her as being more than just a friend before her passing. His actions NOW tell a totally different story. not that it s anyone else s business ...he just always seemed to over-compensate when ever he was questioned about the nature of their relationship ... if he was so embarrassed to acknowledge her as more than a "friend" while alive, why is he exposing this raw emotion for the world to see and openly grieving now that shes passed away?


omg!!whitney rest in peace ...and RayJ sorry for ur lost we know u are going threw some difficult time rite now...and people stop talking crab nd mind yall own lossers


As much as I love Nippy . I think she was to old to be dealing with a kid yes he is a child to her like really.


He has no business releasing a statement. Is in poor taste.


RAY J has to be going through a very difficult time, he had dinner with Whitney last week,she looked great and very happy.
But it seems even he could not control her, surely Ray, her family and friends had tried their best to keep her safe.


Let Ray-J mourn like he wants to about his "Nippy". I agree Kim K. doesn't have shit to do with this. Show some respect for the man.


well he say he just a friend but we know where that went


Where was this FRIEND when she was at that pool, doing hand stands, and wondering through all surrounding area. He could of STOPPED her, maybe.

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