DMX Hates Everything About Drake

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On Friday morning, DMX took time out from getting arrested to make his feelings about Drake very well known.

Appearing on New York radio station Power 105.1, the controversial rapper said of his fellow artist: "I don't like anything about Drake. I don't like his f-cking voice. I don't like the sh-t he talks about."

DMX at the Hip Hop Awards
Drake in Vegas

Anything else?

"I don't like his face. I don't like the way he walks - nothing," said DMX, concluding with the biggest shot of all: "I don't like his haircut."

DMX gave no explanation for his hatred. In unrelated, yet hilarious news: DMX has posed for 15 mug shots.



DMX hates Drake!? Shave Drake bald and put him on crack and you got DMX!


DMX hates Drake because Drake is an illuminati puppet. If you don't believe it search it up. The illuminati wants to ruin DMX's image, but don't fall for it. Al these new artists are part of the New World Order. Don't follow blindly, listen to what DMX says, because they want him dead like Tupac and Micahel Jackson.


im not an actual fan of either but i definitely have to give it to dmx before drake. dmx has actually earned SOME shit on his own. at least he didnt get his start workin on a teenage girl show. and im sorry but getting signed to the most talentless person (lil wayne) in the industry is not something to be proud of if you're into actual musical integrity. for one ANYBODY EVER who uses an autotuner for anything but comedy is a fucking talentless hack. so that wipes most shitty artists on the radio out of the equation. personally im more into hardcore and underground shit that actually involves artists who sound like they give a fuck that theyre being paid bank to do what theyre doing. oh and the beats that the industry uses are all total shiiiit. no energy, all repetition. oh and i totally can talk shit because i could out rap and out perform drake on any given day. hes a hack and his fans are MUSICALLY RETARDED!!!!!


yo,i like both guys.Drake is an EMCEE,and Dmx on the other hand is a RAPPER,so Dmx should'nt bother himself with these "emcee",a verse to them is a chorus,but their corny shit is entertaining though,"hell yea,hell yea,hell yea,fuckin right,fuckin right,alright"


Drake is cool dmx sucks ass if anyone likes rap and have any sense enogh to know that dmx is played out then cudos to ya


Drake is one of the worst rappers that is helping detroy rap, DMX is real and I hope he destroys Drakes career. Drake has to read a rap off of a blackberry that someone else wrote to freestyle. Lol he's one of the fakest people in the world. DMX is a one of a kind LEGEND. There's a million Drakes

@ ChrisC

Drake is the best rapper there is so all you people that said he sucked you suck.


Rap died cuz you fags like listening to soft bitches like Drake. Y'all say he's lyrical, he is a one dimensional rapper who only rhymes two syllables. They know. We know. Pass go. Bingo. Two syllables the whole fucking time. Dmx talks about real shit and paved the way toward REAL rap not fake gay shit. Drake says yaaaaaa like a soft pussy and for a crazy reason 1/2 of the people like it bc y'all dont go out of your way to listen to anything other then the radio. Fuck Drake he will never be considered as raps greatest. I realized that this argument won't be solved bc you either love him or hate him. You can call me a hater but lets get one thing clear... I don't hate him bc the money he makes, I dislike the living shit out of him bc to me he sounds unlyrical and soft as shit and he talks about stuff that is material and can capture the unintelligent mind of a fucking unsure teenager.


Really drake is cool his rap make sense unlike x he is a good guy so stop hatin


i love drake he is amazing like i love him i love his songs and his music if yall dont thts not drakes problem kk so to all u haters who dont like drake suck it he is funny and a better person who u will ever be so..... when u are more famous then drake and can get fans then yall can hate but drake is a nice rapper singer wat ever u wanna call it so STOP HATEN ON DRAKE !!


Why hates someone because he his a good perfomer, if you cannot perfom well get out and stop including others to your problems.Drake is good and respectable person the problem with black man he is when he smells competetion he start hating others. DMX grow up and let the young ones aswell have opportunity like you did 9os your chance is over DMX get out give a space to everyone who has a talent .

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