DMX: Popped For Drug Possession ... While in Jail!

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DMX just made another contribution to our celebrity mug shots gallery after getting busted for drug possession - an offense committed while in jail!

The rapper scored an extended stay in prison, where he was serving seven months for violating probation and scheduled to be released TOMORROW.

Law enforcement sources say X has been busted for multiple offenses since being sent away to the Yuma, Ariz., facility commenced late last year.

'X' Mug Shot

It's unclear how DMX got the drugs into prison or what they were.

Drug possession, failing/refusing a drug test, smoking when he wasn't supposed to, being disrespectful, disruptive, and disorderly ... you name it.

In any case, his release has been postponed by at least a week, if not longer. Give a fella credit, this was a new addition to his impressive resume.

Keep up the good work in there, dawg.


he looks like he's ready to shoot up a bank...smh..LMAO




Damn u x!!! Wats wrong with you??? You makin the devil smile you fool!! Why you had to start with the big mouth preachin anyway you relied on yourself and what you could do... FAIL!!! but it's ok your crooked path can be made str8, up2 your faithfulness. *Hopes he gets to c this*


illuminati aint letting him out, who would have all that "drugs" on the last day? wouldnt it be all gone if he did smoke it?
open your goddam eyes

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