Courtney Robertson to Appear on The Bachelor: Women Tell All Special?

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Courtney Robertson allegedly appears on The Bachelor: Women Tell All special this season, according to reports. Why is this noteworthy for Bachelor fans?

Because the Women Tell All episode, which airs March 5, but was taped Friday in L.A., has never featured either of the girls in the following week's finale.

Does that mean Courtney Robertson gets bounced this Monday? Or did the show make a special exception to bring out a finalist because, well, it's her?

Getting Faux Hitched

According to insiders and The Bachelor spoilers we have read, analyzed, maintained and posted throughout this winter ... they made an exception for her.

Courtney has been the center of so much controversy all season long - she's pretty much the reason for the show at this point - they felt they had to.

It's true. Giving Court a chance to square off with the other women (or vice versa) could make for amazing television. They probably hate her more now!

Back when all the drama was taking place during filming, they hadn't even seen her confessionals, with some of the best quotes (see highlight reel below).

Specifically, Court's main nemesis, Emily O'Brien, should give her an earful.

The Bachelor returns tomorrow night as Robertson, Lindzi Cox and Nicki Sterling vie for the final two spots in the March 12 season finale. Stay tuned.

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