Amber Portwood: Turning Down Plea Bargain to Continue Filming Teen Mom?

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Troubled Teen Mom star Amber Portwood is considering NOT taking a plea deal because it would effectively end her reality TV career, according to reports.

Amber is supposed to be released from jail into the care of a halfway house this week after pleading guilty to possession of a controlled substance.

She may end up changing her plea, however, so she can continue shooting Teen Mom as much as possible, sources tell E! News. Why on Earth ...

Clueless Amber

Portwood, who faces up to five years in jail if she violates probation, is not going to change her plea because she wants to sit in a cell instead.

It is true, though, that the drug court that's allowing Portwood to rehabilitate at the halfway house has ordered the facility not to allow cameras.

For Amber Portwood, this is a very big deal.

Last week, she said she had been under the impression that she would be allowed to live with her grandparents and film Teen Mom while fulfilling the terms of her sentence (counseling, regular check-ins with the court, etc.).

Being ordered to a halfway house caught her by surprise.

In order to stay out of jail, she was ordered to spend eight months at the halfway house and get a full-time job ... one that does not involve TV.

The third season of Teen Mom is set to premiere April 3, so that would leave Amber SOL and without the paycheck she's come to depend on.

As such, Amber decided Saturday that she may rather "do her time now and get it out of the way," and the halfway house is "not the right place for her."

It wouldn't be the full five years, presumably, if she did agree to serve jail time. We are probably talking about a couple of months, tops.

After which, she would be free to film, without stipulations.

"The system doesn't want Amber to succeed," a friend said. "She needs to stay in the entertainment industry. There are no jobs in Anderson (Ind.). She needs to finish her schooling. She can't do all of that with a $7-an-hour job."

Baby daddy Gary Shirley currently has custody of her daughter, Leah.


Thank god Amber does not have Leah anymore. That poor little girl deserves to be happy and not see her father get hit and talked to like trash. He should have called the cops on her when she punched him in the face, I would have put her ass in jail! If I was to ever meet her I would kick her ass for being such a crappy mother. Amber get off your ass and get a real job, be a real mother!


She sooo!!!!!!! Bitching ...


Teen mom sucks asshole, they think they have it soo bad,, you thought you were old enough to have sex, so your old enough to take on the responsibilities of a child. Amber? Do i need to say more? Lol shes stupid


Ifeel sorry for the little girl. Ihope amber finds peace and happiness within herself.


. u no honestly she can still get healthy w/o halfway house.its up 2 her she could go 2 the halfway house n still not get better n end up even more depressed. u no what these girls were lucky 2 get put on the show it wil help them support their children so instead of being jealous just let the show do what its here 2 do drop the teen pregnancy rate. sadly enough it had n impact on me. my sons father and i wanted 2 have another child after i had my son n the show actually helped me realize that it wasnt the right time n i really needed 2 have my career n everything n order before we did sons father n i arent 2gether anymore n that couldve been the worst decesion ever 4 me n my son if i had not payed attention 2 the show n it changed my mind. i am 24 now n let me tell u this show does do good even if it somewhat glamorizes teen pregnancy or not. it shows the real struggles they go thru


I was a teen mom. I had my son when i was 19 n let me tell u i have been thru hell but i am stronger 4 it. my son is my life im def not 1 of ambers fans but can yall really sit there n say u havent wanted 2 knock the crap out of a guy 4 treating u bad. yes gary is there 4 leah but he provoked her most of the time.


"The system doesn't want Amber to succeed," a friend said. "She needs to stay in the entertainment industry. There are no jobs in Anderson (Ind.). She needs to finish her schooling. She can't do all of that with a $7-an-hour job." She shoulda thought about that before she got knocked up pal.


i am so sick and tired of people down grading the show, i love teen mom and i hope they keep bringing it back for as long as they want. amber has a mind of her own, she knows what she is doing, and just because she is making mistakes don't mean the whole show is bad. and if everyone has been paying attention, the show has actually cut down the teenage pregnancy rate, so say what u want i love the show and would continue to stand up for it.


Has anyone pointed out to her that everyone is bored with the girls of Teen Mom and this is probably the last season they will film this show? I'm sure I speak for many that its sickening to watch these kids become rich and afforded the opportunity to blow money on plastic surgery, hair extensions, new cars! And they do nothing that's considered work much less hard work. Reality show....not reality at all! Amber showed herself as selfish, demanding and acts like the world owes her something. She should be banned from filming....period! She's not a role model for anyone anyway. She's in this trouble because she believed she was above the law because she considers herself a Lindsay Lohan or something. It's time these teen mom "stars" live the real consequences of their decisions. Work real jobs like the rest of us have to to provide for our kids and obey the rules and the law!!!!


I'm sure the system has been plotting her downfall. Because the fact that she's a drug addict and a fame whore wouldn't have anything to do with the situatin she's in. Its unfortunate that people like her get paid good money to make television viewing miserable for the rest of us. If your hometown doesn't have anything but $7.00 an hour jobs available, get off your ass, go to school and better yourself. At least attempt to make a contribution to the human race.

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