Adele Grammy Awards Performance: Watch Now!

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Up until the shocking death of Whitney Houston Saturday night, the biggest narrative going into Sunday night’s Grammy Awards was the return of Adele.

What tune would she sing? How would she sound after surgery? How many of the six awards for which she was nominated would she actually take home?

"Rolling in the Deep," amazing and six, respectively.

The list of 2012 Grammy winners is basically a list of awards won by Adele, with everyone else fighting for what's left. And for good reason. Watch her take the stage at the Staples Center in L.A. and knock “Rolling in the Deep” out of the park:

What's great about Adele is that it's just her voice. She doesn't need to dance around half naked, wear bizarre outfits or rely on shocking choreography.

Her talent alone is more than enough to keep the audience mesmerized throughout her entire performance. It's great to have her back. Don't you agree?

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Adele is G-R-E-A-T she should win every single time im a big fan of you Adele i want to come and sing with her


Never have I seen such beauty, such class, and such talent put together, she is totally amazing!!!


Set fire to the rain is my favorite song. I love Adele she has an amazing voice and to all those haters, u are missing out on something great


100% CLASS! A true Superstar with fresh, God given talent. As for all the negative commentors with no self esteem, get something going on for yourself! Just because you can't do it don't hate on the ones that can! Watch and listen to that Hollywood crowd. Thats no patronizing applaud, that is shear joy and appreciation for a very humble and gifted young woman.


Let me just say WOW! When Adele sings this song I get goosebumps, she is such a throw back to all the wonderful artist that were blessed with a wonderful voice(Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Mary J Blige and the late Whitney Houston). Unlike the artist today that have to "wow or shock" you with their outlandish preformance (GaGa, Nikki, Katy, and many others)that can not soul sing. Adele commands the stage, gives it her all, and makes you feel the pain in that song like it happened to you. Once again WOW! For all the non Adele belivers you are tone deaf and probably the awful singers trying out for American Idol that can't carry a tune to save your soul.


Yes, talent alone will carry her! I do think she is beautiful and she has a face of a model.. Este Lauder should contact her!


To the person(s) who say that Adele should have covered her legs. I have just this to say to you. You are just jealous of her and her beauty. Just because she's plus size woman that doesn't make her any less beautiful than any other woman. In fact, she's more so. And you wouldn't know a good person even if the good LORD him self slapped you with a kindness stick.


Adele is the best, she owns a perfect voice and is so good looking. Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Serioulsy, some of you just need to go away. I mean who cares if you don't like her voice because millions of people world wide do. Keep in mind she also just had throat surgary. Angry songs make some of the best songs. Man go and jump the firs woman to come their way. Adele writes and sings beautiful songs. In my opinion he man who dumped her (if thats the case) is the one missing out.


She sucks. Pissed because she got dumped. Whining,crying revenge songs. Ugh

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