With Jesus Not on the Ballot, Duggar Family Endorses Rick Santorum For President

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GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum has received a celebrity endorsement on the day of the Iowa caucuses. Or 19 of them, to be precise: The Duggar Family!

The TLC reality family joined the ultraconservative candidate in Iowa on the campaign trail, where he's battling Ron Paul and Mitt Romney with mere hours to go.

Confession time, though: Santorum is not their first choice.

Duggar and Santorum

"You may not agree with everything [Santorum] has done," Jim Bob Duggar said. "But you're not going to find the perfect candidate unless it's Jesus Christ running."

Santorum, to the family patriarch, is the next best thing.

"He's somebody that doesn't take a poll to know where he stands. I'm asking families, Christians all over America, to get behind Rick Santorum for president."

Duggar made his comments in Iowa, where he arrived after packing up a dozen of his kids in a big tour bus, freshly repainted to include Santorum's name.

His wife, Michelle, recovering from the miscarriage of their 20th child, remained home in Arkansas, though is still doing her part, making calls for Santorum's bid.

Jim said he particularly admires Santorum's stances on abortion and other social issues. "He has a proven track record," Duggar said in an interview. "He's a proven Christian Conservative. He has always done what's right."

"He is somebody that goes and really just votes from his heart and votes on conviction, votes on things based on the Constitution of the United States and the Bible."

"That's the kind of man we want to support."

So much for separation of church and state.


You know the only time religion becomes an issue is when we go through this election process, when Obama doesn't add to his turkey day wish, or if some crazy guy has the desire to build up his nuclear weapons. I want to tell our allies these politician­s do not represent all Americans. The majority of us are smart caring people. We lend a hand without asking who they believe in first. Our war ship just helped out an Iranian vessel that was in trouble ... that's who we are! Not zealots


hate jim bob, luv the rest of the family.


@PennyL The Constitution and all documents that were written by our founding fathers mention God. The seperation of church and state has become so twisted in people's mines. The simple meaning: the government can not tell you what religion or nonreligion to practice. The president has the right to be religious. Now, it is time to change the president. There truly is no magical candidate. I like my guns, support gay marriage, think welfare should be for people who truly need it and don't want my taxes raised. I am the working class. I don't fit democrat or republican standards.


Also...... Go & Google the word -santorum-, it has a great definition!


Santorum is a homophobic ass and a hypocrite. All these far right folks who go on & on about the Constitution, have never read it, or choose to ignore most of it. Kinda like they do with the Bible. The separation of church & state is important & necessary. These oppressive people have much in common with the Sharia law they so loudly oppose. Yet, they want to implement a Christian form of it here. I, for one, do not want Santorum's or the Duggars' beliefs pushed on me.


I'm very torn. Ron Paul 2012.


Wow, a christian family voting for a corrupt senator and a warmonger---really?

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