Meet Lina Sanz, Angelina Jolie Lookalike

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Do not adjust your monitors, readers. The woman in the video below is NOT Angelina Jolie.

Say hello to Lina Sanz, an aspiring actress from Spain who has been in America for eight years and who bears an uncanny resemblance to one of the most beautiful women on the planet.

Sanz acknowledges the striking similarities in the interview, admitting she'd love to work as an "Angelina Jolie lookalike" and saying she's been studying acting for three years. She then puts her hair down and - wow! - it might as well be Angelina. Lina should try to sneak into bed with Brad Pitt one of these days...

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@jennylogan: ur an idiot, just because people don't help starving children and pursue other opportunities doesn't make them sad. If the entire world fed a starving child, there wouldn't be anymore for u to feed and therefore you would have nothing to complain about.


How sad...yes sad. This woman's claim to fame will be that she looked like another movie star. Big whoop! Go do something significant in life starving children. Don't rest on your looks girly. I see that you are trying to make money off of the fact that you look like Angelina. My brother looks exactly like Charlie Sheen. When he visited Asia, everyone would come up to him and take his photograph. My brother did not make one penny off of that resemblance. Instead, he invented a medical apparatus that saves lives.


This came out years ago. Slow news week!


I think she's more beautiful than Jolie as well!




She's younger, amazing resemblance, but doesn't have the same aura of mystery. There's a certain cool reserve we see in Angelina that she doesn't have.


common she doesnn't look like her maybe a little bit but seriously!!!! angelina is much more beautiful than her love u angie


OMG. this is amazing. i would like to meet my lookalike! don't u?


Amazing! But I think she's prettier than Angelina. Softer-looking.


Holy shit!