Kris Humphries Marriage Proposal: Kontrived by Kim?

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With rumors swirling that Kim Kardashian simply staged a conversation with her mother on a recent episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York - one in which she bad mouths ex-husband Kris Humphries - a new report claims the reality star similarly contrived the proposal that led to this pair's 72-day union.

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    I wonder how many copies of Kim Kardashian Sex Tape were spread?!
    Check it out here: Kim Kardashian Sex Tape uncensored

    Kris Humphries Marriage Proposal: Kontrived by Kim?
    Guys, dont work your right hands out))


    Sorry,kris u can not make HOE into a WIFE.............,.....


    kim darling i dont care what d hell these fake ass bitches has to say about u kris is nice but when it comes to weird dude he is he is like ah baby then he wants you to have kids and slow down on your career then move to his home and not raise them in LA ............... STEUPSSSSSSSS GIRL JUST LIVE YUH LIFE IF D MEN CANT SHAPE UP SHIP DEM OUT ....


    Ha!! Kris is trying to say the Kardashians made him look like a dufus, Kris you did that on your own!!! Walks like a dufus, talks like a dufus, acts like a dufus, must be a dufus!!! And believe me that doesn't say much for Kim, she married Kris didn't she!!! She is as fake as they come, waaahhh poor Kim. She needs to stop making a living off Kardashians drama and get a personality.


    Kris Humphries needs to just shut the hell he's such a cry baby. Kim & Kourtney don't have to make him look like a dufus he is one. It doesn't matter if she did stage it I don't think anyone held a gun to dumbass's head and make him propose. All he's done since this shit started is whine. He needs to be a man and stop belly aching and move on with life. He knew what the hell he was getting into long before marrying her.... Sounds to me like Kim isn't the only one that lives in a dream world... God I hate whinny ass people!


    We should've known from what we've read after the divorce. Someone she knew wrote a tell-all book said she staged stuff while she was dating Reggie Bush.


    PLEASE NO MORE!! She and her family are making America look bad..Deport her to The Land of Far, Far Away and more more>>>>>>>> Pathetic… but then that would be Animated Character


    Um, don't think they had to edit him to make him look that dumb. Think that is his natural state.....


    I don't care who did what to who anymore!!!! You are all idiots!



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