Did Kim Kardashian Stage This Kar Ride, Konversation?

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Kris Humphries is reportedly steaming mad because Kim Kardashian and company staged a conversation on last week's Kourtney & Kim Take New York that painted him in a negative light.


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    Did Kim Kardashian Stage This Kar Ride, Konversation?
    Now tell me it's not real!


    I noticed that...totally staged!!!! Shes just making it worse for herself, im seriously on chris h. Side, she tried making him look so bad, like why edit the show and add more to a scene! Bitch!


    I noticed that the car was rocking around a lot. They do that when they are taping on a soundstage. Totally fake!!! They are all out to make Chris look like the idiot, when it is the Kardashians who are the idiots in this case. Too bad.


    Of course it s staged


    I'm not saying it couldn't have been staged, but to me it looks like they went through a tunnel and that's why the background is black. Don't you think it would have occurred to them that it would seem suspicious if they filmed this staged with a pitch black backdrop. I don't even like the Kardashian's, they are annoying and undeserving of their success, but that doesn't mean it's necessarily all staged, just saying.


    I bet Kris is just the guy to expose this family for what it is. You can see it in him too he has just the right attitude to do it. Can you imagine how he must feel? We all know reality tv is anything but. The Kardashians are so freaking pathetic. How can people who already have so much be so desperate for more? They are sickening.


    I highly doubt this pathetic, lard filled swine even knows how to tell the truth.


    this is 100% staged because kim was spotted outside of l.a wearing tht exact outfit on december 6th and it wasnt on a car ride 'back from dubai'. she was seen getting out a black van like vehicle much like the one she is in , in this video.

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