Kate Gosselin Cruise: The Worst Idea Ever

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There is a Kate Gosselin cruise. Yes, a cruise featuring Kate Gosselin herself. This summer. Offered by Royal Caribbean, which is like a major cruise line.

On August 12-19, if you are so inclined, you can set sail with Kate on a ship for between $1,900 and $3,175. A small price to pay for a brush with ... wait.

The trip starts in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., moving on to Jamaica, Cozumel, etc. Kate will be available for Q&A sessions, photo ops, crafts and cocktail parties!

Better vacation: This or a week in Pyongyang?

Katie G

The hilarious thing is that Kate Gosselin, for all her good qualities (there must be some, we're thinking) is basically famous for yelling, being a grating harpy, insisting on having things her way, seeking attention and emasculating her then-husband.

Just want you want to be around ... on VACATION.

Are people actually interested in things like this? Is it actually a selling point to go on a celebrity cruise? Or one with Kate Gosselin for that matter?

Seriously, tell us. And if the answer is yes, just spend August working instead. Some nice overtime pay has to be better than Mai Tais with the TLC banshee.

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Omg has that womens career not ended yet I dont know why she doesnt just give up kate only got famous because of the kids now the kids aren"t in the spotlight so she is becoming desperate trying to keep her career


OMG people. Get a life. Go on a cruise with Kate why not. You all are much too judgmental


Lin333 Would you like her nursing you? NO WAY! She would have to give up her manicures, pedicures, tanning, boobyguard/escort/manager/Limo Driver/purse carrier,non-eater of salads,mac&cheese. Oh, and how could l forget, the botox, running a hundred miles in 5 minutes and the *cough* *gag* "good bra" from the money her CHILDREN WORKED FOR! She's a "mom of eight...count 'em eight kids" She doesn't have time for a medioca (sp?) JOB!


She needs to get off her orange flat ass and get a JOB! At least Joan Crawford worked through her Mommy Dearest abusive and insane parenting.


What an absolute loser wannabe! She will go to any lengths to keep her face in the public eye, and who the hell cares about seeing her on a cruise? I would gladly push her overboard...I would go on a cruise to have fun, not see her ugly, narcissistic, self-centered personality on any ship I am on. Get a life, and a real job Kate.


Can I go just push her over board?


Kate needs to stay in Pennsylvania and find an Amish widower to marry her. He would win by having an instant family to work the land. We all would win because the Amish believe an image of yourself on film means you loose your soul!!!! No more Kate images would be great!!!


...oney, or food or clothes or camping gear or vacations or anything. I worked two jobs, and so can Kate. Being in the "limelight" is not the only way to support your kids. If she wasn't paying her so called "body guard", maids, baby sitters and housecleaners and cooks, she could go back to nursing and do just fine. But she just doesn't want to have to be with those kids all day.


Connie, I DO have eight kids and raised them by myself when their father took a hike. I think it would be EASIER having 6 all the same age than 6 in all different stages. No one gave me a TV show, or m


Whatever fans she has on this cruise she will loose.


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