Did O.J. Simpson Father Khloe Kardashian?!?

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A-ha! The puzzle has been solved. The National Enquirer has discovered he identity of Khloe Kardashian's father, and the answer is a killer:

O.J. Simpson!

Following the ridiculous, unproven rumor that Khloe is the product of an affair between Kris Jenner and a mystery man, this tabloid has now published an equally ridiculous and unproven rumor: that the former Buffalo Bills running back and likely murderer was that man.

National Equirer Cover Story

Scandalous! Khloe looks JUST like O.J.'s daughter, Sydney!!!

The cover story should actually come as good news to the family. It's given Kim Kardashian a chance to prove she's not a robot, as she actually made us laugh with the following Tweet in response to this report:

"It makes sense now. Khloe u are so tan!"


OJ .... You are the father !!! Now go and kill off his offspring like rabbits


Kris Jenner should hide her head in shame. First, for having affairs outside of marriage and putting her own daughter through this. Khloe should have a DNA and prove once and for all who her father is. She has my deepest sympathy. And, Bruce Jenner should just slink away in the night. Being married to Kris Jenner is like being married to the madam in a whore house.


Yes,it's true, I'm Khloe's father. I used to bone out Kris Kuntrashian - Jenner. Kris used to be a coke whore back in the day .Kris liked to get boned out by multiple men, while Robert watched... Her daughter kimmie is a chip off the old block, she also likes to get boned out by multiple people.


Khloe has a very bad a temper. She is nothing like kim or kourtney and rob, she always have this mean ugly fat face and she is too tall. Her arms are ugly.


Haha r u sayin the pimp as in kris haha thats hilarious and i think ojs the dad she accually kinda looks like him


i lubb you khloe kardashian odom


I think that Khloe deserves to know the truth either way, you have to admit that whilst Kim and Kourtney look like each other Khloe looks nothing like them, look at photo's of them as children, I'm not saying that OJ is her father but her mum needs to honest with her if there is any doubt as to who is Khloe's father ....Good luck Khloe for now and the future...


Leave my girl alone-what else are they going think up?


What a ridiculous story. Khloe is a Kardashian.


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