David Furnish on Madonna Golden Globe Win: F--k Off!

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Elton John's husband David Furnish is PISSED that "Masterpiece" singer Madonna was among 2012's Golden Globe Award winners with the Best Original Song.

Furnish called Madonna's acceptance speech "embarrassing in its narcissism."

Just moments after she won the statue, Furnish went to his Facebook page and WENT OFF on the Material Girl, writing, "Madonna. Best song???? F**k off!!!"

Elton John, who was nominated for a song from Gnomeo & Juliet, did not look happy when Madonna's name was announced, but he has not commented.

Furnish, however, did not hold back in letting Madonna, who won for a song from W.E., have it, referencing her recent quasi-feud with another singer.

"Madonna winning Best Original Song truly shows these awards have nothing to do with merit," he said. "Her acceptance speech was embarrassing in it's narcissism. And her criticism of Gaga shows how desperate she really is."

In related news, Madonna's cleavage was off the hook last night.


I just love the clip they show with the cell phones. I want one of those just to dilaspy!His voice really just shoots to the core of me. Still to this day, it's magnetic and emotional and dark. Plus he's still got a great pelvic thrust!


Madonna looks like she was hit in the Face with a Hammered Shit. Elton- He wasn't mad! He drank to many Tom Collins the night before. Rumor has it every time he gets Drunk the Next morning he wakes up & his Ass is killing Him!


He's right...but its tacky for him to say it. hes not even a true celeb.


What a stupid childish thing for David Furhish to do. My only comment about Madonna's speech is that she clearly didn't expect to win (as she actually states as she gets on the stage) and wasn't prepared to give a speech at all, hence all the hemming and hawing. Yes, it was a bit embarrassing (it's embarrassing to watch someone who clearly feels embarrassed herself), but not in any major way. Personally I thought all the songs were a bit lame, but i wished Mary J Blige would have won.


ha! david and elton make one power diva couple! madonna has always been over-inflated. she is the mariah to elton's whitney. madonna will never be a #1 star like michael j. plus her over inflated ego is a complete turn off. the fact she can't stay married shows that no one can live with this egotistical bitch


It's a pity that Elton John showed us what a bad sport he is. The look on his face was plain ugly (especially by comparison with Glenn Close who looked genuinely elated by Madonna's win - but she is super-gracious). I think all the songs up for the gong were mediocre, but someone had to win. I'm no Madonna fan, but there was something about her being up there that made me feel sorry for her. She looked completely out of her depth in that environment.


Shut up David, bitter looser!


Team Madge


One thing that everyone is forgetting...that these things are based on talent, and though I have never cared for madonna, both her and Elton have been around for years and are, said by some... very talented people. They have been around for years and still pose in the limelight for a reason..intelligent?
businessman/woman? whatever, the fact is..., they sing they write they compose....someone somewhere likes them enough to have brought them here... their personality and personal life shouldnt have any influence on the fact of talent...[though we all know it does]..so no matter how much we may not like it...they are doing something right! yes?!


I noticed in the audience the camera was on many people while Madonna was speaking, and practically everyone looked disgusted.....i for one agree with those people in the audience....first of all she was and always will be a huge douche bag.....she tries to come across all classy and normal.....NOT...as for Elton John and his lover toy, he looked totally foolish last nite....he had a bad attitute and showed his jealousy towards Madonna.....she, to me just did not belong at the Golden Globes, and even moreso should not have won......nuff said.....

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