Madonna Sort of Calls Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" a Rip-Off

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Are tensions rising between Madonna and Lady Gaga?

In an interview with Newsweek (via the Daily Beast), Madonna commented that Lady Gaga's 2011 single "Born This Way" was a "redo" of her "Express Yourself."

"I thought, this is a wonderful way to redo my song [1989's "Express Yourself"]," she says. "I mean, I recognized the chord changes. I thought it was... interesting."

High praise ... not. Here's a side-by-side comparison:

Madonna herself is hardly the only one who's noticed the similarity. NME asked Gaga last year if the song was knockoff of Madonna's hit. She wasn't happy.

"I'm a songwriter. I've written loads of music," the 25-year-old fumed. "Why would I try to put out a song and think I'm getting one over on everybody?"

"What a completely ridiculous thing to even question me about. If you put the songs next to each other, side by side, the only similarities are the chord progression."

"Just because I'm the first f***ing artist in 25 years to think of putting it on Top 40 radio, it doesn't mean I'm a plagiarist, it means that I'm f***ing smart. Sorry."

Strikes a nerve, clearly. That said, both Gaga and Madonna have claimed to be fans of each other's work in the past, and there's no real sign of bad blood.

Did Gaga rip off Madonna?


If this was a remake, modonna would want her money....even if it had the same notes....she would want money, law suit.that u can take to the bank.


i was never a fan of madonna and i was a huge fan of gaga when she first came out.. im not really into either one as of lately but i'll be honest, i listened to madonnas music recently and Lady gaga's Born this way, the sound track in it is like a altered adaptation of madonnas song express yourself, even a part where lady gaga starts monologing/singing in that song was ripped off from one of madonnas songs.. i know cuz i was at my job when they played an old madonna song and i thought it was born this way, the part where gaga sings "dont be a drag just be a queen wheather your broke or evergreen, your black white beige chola decent, your lebanese your orient ect ect" i know i didnt say it word for word but that sentence where gaga is monologing/singing, madonna did that in her song with the same beat the way it was monologed but with different lyrics, its a total rip, im sorry gaga you totally copied her.


Uzimon Claimed this a while back as well at one of his concerts!


i love u lady gaga


With this kind of reaction, Madonna is simply showing she is a Bitter Old Diva who is not able to recognize someone else's talent. I truly praised Madonna's audacity and originality but I moved on and now I embrace Lady Gaga's amazing personnality on the international musical scene... She is intelligent (there are plenty of symbols in her lyrics, it is obvious she has a very special kind of knowledge), creative, authentic, open-minded and she is a perfect role-model for all generations. Madonna, will you please behave like a lady! You had your era of Shining Glory and it will live on just as you will forever stay a pioneer but now it is someone else's turn... The world wins when Lady Gaga sings!


Madonna is just angry that she's no longer relevant and that GaGa is getting the praise and attention formally afforded to her. Get over it have your place in history and no one will forget what you've added to pop culture etc. But there is always going to be a younger, hipper "genius"... and one day GaGa will be yesterday's news.


The first time I heard the son, I felt I had heard it before. It's not bad, but it's been nagging me why it sounded so familiar. I thought at one time, maybe it was a remake. Now I know! : )


I'd just like to say that in my opinion, "Born this way" isn't a song to be particularly proud of in the first place. It's super annoying and just sounds like a lot of old ideas rehashed, be it "Express yourself" or anything else. For all I know Gaga might be a genius, but I'm sure it isn't because she wrote that song!


Shes just mad she didn't come up with...DONT BE A DRAG JUST BE A QUEEN. Gaga is too talented to be denied


All this singers in one way or another have taken a page from Madonna's book, but Lady Gaga is just being a Madonna Xerox and everyone can see it. Glad to see The Imperial Queen of Pop is back. Get ready for new M.D.N.A 2012 ♥

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