Casper Smart Tweets Poetry, Love for Jennifer Lopez

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It may be the job of Jennifer Lopez to give her opinions on season 11 of American Idol - which kicks off tonight - but the singer's boyfriend has comforting news for all that don't receive Golden Tickets:

It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks!

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Jennifer Lopez Close Up

"Age, status, n opinions of others are irrelevant," Casper Smart Tweeted this morning. "Our hearts are endless and our souls infinite. Our ages are mere reminders of the hours logged on this earth and the precious time remaining."

The 24-year old dancer added: "We should all honor our time here by indulging our passion and dreams. So, close your ears and open your hearts; Love and be happy!"

J. Lo proceeded to reTweet the messages, meaning... we have no idea actually. But, hey, as long as these two are enjoying themselves!

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Yes On Some Real Shit! When it comes to my man laron it means alot when it comes to everythn my man does for me to my range rover to mi condo en to livn n keepn it in the family as to debra to laronju when it comes to the family what it means en espanol de dominicana ways of us lovn knowin what family means n beib together as of me as bein Wifey wit Juelz it means so much n when i talk to laron i tell him "cotazon papi im here so eh que fuey" es us as dominican born from DR to dr es Juelz& Destiny" es DR!


O yes n wow :O lol im surprised i was told on vh2 channel dat was told about n when i reconnected back wit laron aka juelz santana i told him i was n school writin for a school new paper last year n then was asked about who or what well since jan 2002 i told vanderhee shannon delima kimberly dat me and juelz have reconnected back wit each other weve been datn in jan 2007! when i sent two letters to teaneck newjersey n juelz said he wanted to be wit me as me bein Wifey sothen i said O Yes es DR en 2012 !" so


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J HO is going through a mid life crisis hahaha!!!! poor grandma!!
She wants to feel young again or be 20 again..
One day he'll leave her for a sexy 20 year old ha! ;D


Hi my name is imani woods and im here to me i feel dat marc & jlo are meant to be and nobody cnt take dat since jan 2007 - april 2011 of bein in mind!!!! anyhow its marc& jlo !!!!! Its 100% bortiqua........!!!


Hi iits imani woods well i mean jlo is one i luv her restaurant and two i always admired marc&jlo since i used to be on da ave anyhow when it comes to bein born n bein real its about knwin who u are and standin by it so to anyhow marc & jlo are true original bortiquas from the bx so !!!! anyhow jlo kws how much who she is and is in her heritage to kw dat marc & jlo standsout live n looks real together !!!!!! so anyhow jlo is my bitch from way back ! anyhow so i luv the idea of it they make sense!! bein tog


Hi its imani and speakn of jlo i meanm well i grew up in the bx to kw about it anyhow when jlo never said she want ed to be i kw when m.arc ! athony stated he wanted her in terms of and is a legend their both born bortiquas so !!! anyhow thats what life is about livin to enjoy n its aboUt livin great n happily to jlo dats my gurl i mean of course ex specially n peace!!! anyhow i kw marc would marc dat so !!!! for the puente of it !!! yeh yeh yeh !!!!!!! marc& jlo :) xooxoxoxooxoox!!!! bx+bx=real true love!.


We totally understand that Jennifer Hoepez is going through a mid life crisis!!! It happens!! :D


U go JLo Casper is hott if it would had been a man no problem but since it's a women people talk crap


Hi my name iz quadasha aka imani whoze wifey statiz datin game and when jlo told me the difference between dating ben aflick:) and p didy she told me she wanted to be with marc i told her i feel az though marc athony iz a better guy hes spanish and shes puertorican az of me bein dominican :) az a sister we talked n spanish and i said wellu want kids and all and a good life i dnt know what to say i told her cause i dnt dance. sing . act. or like to draw for peeps or of :( so anyhow :O i was chosenaz wifey:)!

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