Bush League: Kim Kardashian Krushed by Dreams of Reggie Reconciliation

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Pity Kim Kardashian, folks.

The recently-divorced reality star has allegedly been dreaming about ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush, with friends even saying she wants to get knocked up by the Dolphins running back.

But that fantasy turned into a nightmare on December 26, according to Life & Style, when a fan posted a photo of what he/she thought was Reggie and Kim hanging out at Smoothie King... only for Kardashian to see the image and realize Bush had found yet another lookalike to date.

Foolish Kim Kardashian

Describing the incident as a "wake-up call" for Kim, a source says she's "embarrassed" that Bush isn't reciprocating her feelings.

"She calls him way more than he calls her," the insider claims. "He's trying to be a nice guy, but he doesn't want to be a rebound or the next guy in her media blitz. He has zero interest in that."

But he does have interest in making the most of his life as a single man in Miami, as a club goer at LIV says Bush is "with different girls every night" at this hot spot, many of whom really do resemble Kim. Seriously, have you see, Mayra Veronica?

Overall, we do hope Kim and Reggie work it out. Or at least make a new sex tape together. One or the other.


I think Kim is a beautiful lady. I know she had invested much into this marriage..including her wedding day. Regardless of what others think...Kim has much class and WHY should she put up with the disrespect. Good for you Kim you stand up for yourself. You got it all girl....you don't have to settle for unhappieness. I know the right one will come..just dont rush into it. Stay as sweet as you are. C'mon Reggie..you know Kim is good don't make her


i dont get why everyone bad mouths Kim, anyone one of you would trade places and be her, she is beautiful, dresses great, lives nice, who would not want to have that. I have been watching the kardashian show lately and I can sure understand why she left her husband, he is a creep, an ass, a jerk, rude, inconsiderate, and dumb and also he is not cute. The problem is Kim rushed into marriage to fast, she wants children and a married life, but realized that Kris Humpfries is a real looser. Kim has her faults also, she is greedy, and smug and self centered but that is her moms doing also. but good luck to her. I dont think Reggie is the one, they did not make it before, and probably wont again.


When a person shows themselves to be shady as many times as she has, nobody should believe a word they say. That's what's happening to her. You can't take her seriously.. because she's a liar... and she isn't gonna change.


kim come on u can eat your cake and have it .


Ohhhh boo hoo boo hoo boo hoo boo hoo poor old fat ass gets dissapointed that Reggie Bush won't take her back....I guess pay back is a bitch....hahahahahahahah......Your getting everything you deserve....your nothing but a fat ugly disgusting used up old hoe....yukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


Except for the dark long hair, Mayra doesn't resemble Kim in the least. As for Reggie and these different women, he's just looking for easy access for his man tool.


Heard that she was here n dallas last nite for the game why who knows why but these fans here will go ape shit over her me I mn ever watch the show bcause I am allergic ti bullsh??. Lol holler


Why would any man want something so used up, greedy, self absorbed, and phony.. Most Mothers teach their sons to take the trash out not bring it in...


He could do far better than this tramp she is shit and that is plain truth. Did she really think that Reggie would run to her as though he was the man on the planet not really.


Karma...What goes around comes around...Pay back..it a B*#@$

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