Kim Kardashian: Klamoring to Prokreate with Reggie Bush?

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Kim Kardashian isn't just over Kris Humphries, according to the latest issue of OK! Weekly. She's already planning for motherhood...

... with Reggie Bush!

“Kris just wasn’t the guy for Kim,” a source tells the tabloid. “Not as a husband, but certainly not as a father, and ever since they broke up she’s been thinking about Reggie more and more.”

Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian Pic

The insider goes on to describe the Dolphins running back as "father material," something that appeals to Kardashian, who has never made a secret of her desire to have children.

"Kim has always wanted to be a mom and she knows she will be," says the source, apparently ignoring Kim's whining last month about how she may be stuck forever as an aunt. "She has always adored children and she is naturally very maternal."

How does the
universally hated Humphries feel about all this? The unnamed mole says Kim's desire to procreate with Bush is "throwing Kris for a loop" because:

“One minute she wants to have kids with him, the next minute she doesn’t want kids at all and she’s saying that she just wants to be a really good aunt. And now people are saying she wants to get pregnant with her ex!”

We kan see how that would be konfusing.


Kim u hv 2 take it slow


Reggie and Kim look beautiful together.


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