Amber Rose on Kim Kardashian Accusations: Just Keeping It Real!

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Amber Rose is not backing down from her allegation in this week's issue of Star.

Yes, Kim Kardashian slept with Kanye West while she was dating Reggie Bush and the rapper was dating Rose and if you have a problem with Amber opening up about this supposed fact... tough.

Kim Kardashian in Australia
An Amber Rose Pucker

"After being asked the same questions over and over in every interview for so long I had to be honest and get this off my chest," Rose Tweeted yesterday. "I don't lie, I don't embellish I'm not trying to hurt anyone just setting the record straight."

She also referred to boyfriend Wiz Khalifa as "my Angel and soulmate."

Meanwhile, In Touch Weekly is also hopping on the Kim-is-a-homewrecker train. That tabloid claims Kardashian encouraged friend Carla DiBello to hook up with a married Kobe Bryant, leading to what will be a very expensive divorce for the baller from wife Vanessa.



seruiissslllyyy kim thats just disscusting 4me


I think Kim and her sisters are beautiful. This is why they've made so far. Ugly people are always going hate !!!!


Kim! A High class slut


Seriously! What's she even famous for???


Kim kardashian? One of da biggest sluts iv eva seen!


Wtffff???? I hate the kardashains...they are all spoiled,arrogant,snobby,immature biatches...the big fake ass kardashian(kim) was famous only by selling herself and the rest act like immature brats...they r seriously full of shit....oh and by the way,kim, dont even think for a sec that we're jealous of ur motha fucking fake ass...we have a whole lot better things to do than to be jealous of ur worthless piece of trash family...plz stop filming ur reality stupis ass show coz we couldnt care less i wud rwther sleep than to look at your


Who is Kim kardashian anyway butt drama! She's not an A list movie star! Like she acts like


enough of Kim's love life to any of her escapedes as we all are tired of hearing about her. Its nothing but drama and boring

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