Vanessa Bryant to Receive at Least $75 Million in Divorce From Kobe

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Vanessa Bryant is positioned to make out like a bandit in her divorce from Kobe Bryant, in large part due to the couple's apparent lack of a prenuptial agreement.

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    Vanessa is now young. Beautiful. And filthy rich thanks to Kobe dumb ass Bryant. She will move on and find someone who will appreciate her and Kobe knows it. He also knows that he will doubt every woman he is with in the future as someone out for his money. Karma Kobe...Karma


    I hate Vanessa she's a snob I seen them at Disney princess on ice n every one was calling their names she acted all bitchy as usual but coby waived and was very nice (mind u they were all little girls) and she still acted like that! But with that said I don't think she started out a gold digger cuz they were highschool sweethearts! So she was there b4 the deal but that doesn't mean she didn't turn into one! Y do u think the other wives told u not to help u to get back at u! Not even kloe likes ur bitch ass! They should change her name to Chicle (gum in espanol) cuz shes like an old piece of chewed u gum that's stuck to the bottom of colbys ass I mean shoe!


    Well I think Kobe is getting what he deserves because he knew what cheating could cost him and he didn't give damn so why does she.And as far as he made her what she is and she don't deserves anything is (BULLSHIT)point blank.And as far as she was probably giving him a reason for cheating is also BS because there are no reasons,if Kobe was not happy with his wife anymore he should have just given her a divorce along time ago.I bet he wish he could have a do over now!!!!


    well for my reading of everything.. this bitch vanessa needs to understand kobe made her who she is today.. so shes not all that, also why do u guys only look at kobe, maybe she was doing things that cause him to cheat.. she a gold digging bitch anyways she knew wat she was doing when she married him. pretty sad but its reality. what she should do, is jus have him give her money for da kids thats all. she should go and look for a fucken job instead of living off his money..


    Come on VANESSA, did you really, really REALLY think that the chick in denver was his FIRST and LAST!!..........Now we know why Kobe can get MVP,....he is TOOO tired, he is TOOO busy putting it up in the wrong "HOOP"......Burn his A$$, Vanessa and move on!


    I knew something was wrong when I watched a sports show where he acknowledged his children but didn't mention her name once. Neither are acceptable parents for 2 young girls. Kobe is a habitual cheater and Vanessa disrespects people who work for her and swears openly in front of her girls and dresses like a cocktail waitress.


    This I a sad thing!!! Becuz no matter if vanessa gets it all she still has to deal with the pain of her husband n father of her kids cheating.... Soooo sorry vanessa for ur pain!!! As for her gettin everything she deserves it thats wat kobe gets!!!!!!


    kobe sucks

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