Taylor Armstrong "In a Better Place" With Camille Grammer

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong says she's "in a better place" with Camille Grammer nowadays. That's good news, we suppose.

Better than a worse place?

Taylor and Camille had an epic falling out after pot-stirrer Grammer revealed on-air that Taylor's husband, Russell Armstrong (who committed suicide in August, after filming on Bravo's hit series wrapped for the season), was physically abusive.

A Terrible Person

Russell then threatened Grammer, infuriating and dividing Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast members Kyle Richards, Lisa VanderPump and Adrienne Maloof.

Though the fight happened months ago, the rift is still a long way from being mended. Knowing these two it will drag on for decades. But things have thawed slightly.

Armstrong, who is releasing a memoir, took a long pause when asked if she and Camille are friends these days. "Um, we are in a better place now," she said.

Not saying much, but a step in the right direction never hurt.

Camille Drops Knowledge

One of those great celebrity feuds where you can't bring yourself to take a side.


I hope the event was aimnazg. Didn’t manage to get there. How was it to hear Jennifer Egan in action live?


It's very, very 'creepeye' to wacth episodes of RHoBH when people have seen or heard of Taylor/Shana's husband hanged himself.
Her exaverbated psycho meltdowns is what is turning most viewers. Well, let's not forget about the 'substance abuse' stupor Kim's story angle.....it's obtuse how any of these decent & well-off women could allow themselves to be involved in this hot mess!!!!


Whomever is saying there is no proof of Russell beating Taylor.....wrong! There are pictures and before he commited suicide he broke her eye socket and there are pictures. However, I do agree that Taylor is a fame whore and inevitably probably intensified the abuse but there is no justification for anyone getting beat. I do feeil it is quite odd that she is already writing a book! Most people grieve for years before they go that route. Kinda creepy.


How can she be mad at anybody but herself?! If you're stupid enough-YES I SAID IT-to let someone supposedly beat you and you stay, don't be mad when your confronted about it. If she wanted to get beat, treated badly and be a poor example for your child, she should have kept her mouth shut! It's not like she couldn't hide it. Nobody EVER seen a bruise, mark, scratch, hell a pinch!
I don't feel sorry for Taylor and Camille needs to just stay away from her. It appears that she is the opposite of King Midas, everything she touches turns to Shit!


Anyone who believes Taylor after seeing the show and researching her interviews, etc. is a fool.


Taylor is a hot mess, AND a liar, and a fake. It has finally come out in the media that she was going to divorce her husband because the producers said she had to or they would stop filming her. When her husband died, she spouted all kinds of crap about how she wouldnt discuss it with the media to protect her daughter. So what does she do? WRITES A BOOK ABOUT IT ALL! I can't stand any if these women, but Taylor is the worst. What in the world is wrong with get lips and mouth, and why can you see every tooth on the top and bottom when she smiles that fake, posed smile? Her and her husband both had the Galway smiles ever, showing all their teeth. It's like they practiced together. Ick to Taylor. Get over your drama and eat something.


I feel taylor's pain. If you hav been in an abusive relationship then u can related to what she is going through. I have been in an abusive relatioship an not easy. I thank god evry day i am still alive. Stop bashing taylor bcuz u all dnt kno what went on behind closed doors.


Camille didn't stir up this debacle. It was Taylor who was in everyone's face at the tea party and I think Camille had all she could stand from that two-faced, lying freak. Lisa should have been a better host and asked Taylor to leave. I don't know why this bunch of brainless twits defend that skanky POS.


I like Camille and Brandi. And Adriennes husband Paul. They're all straight shooters this season. Taylor sold her soul to Bravo and did anything she could stay on the show. Taylor and Bravo are both involved in the death of Russell. There may have been other factors, but for sure he felt he had been crucified on the show. I'm sure if he hadn't been on this show, he would be alive today. I don't think he was a saint, But he was right, he was branded and ruined even though there was not one police report, court order... just Taylors words and now Taylors book. Russell had no chance to defend himself. Kyle behaves like such a moron most of the time. She seems to be about 12 years old. Was she the spoiled baby of her family growing up? Because she acts like one.


Taylor sent many mixed messages I don't believe that Russell ever hurt her , and the Housewives are still in doubt

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