Report: Russell Armstrong Severely Beat Taylor Armstrong, Threatened Camille Grammer

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Details regarding the life and recent death of Russell Armstrong continue to pour forth, with the latest report painting this reality star in a disturbingly negative light.

According to a TMZ insider, just prior to filming on season two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Russell struck Taylor Armstrong so hard that he fractured her cheek bones and sent her to the hospital. The injuries, and subsequent photos, were "horrific," this source states.

Taylor Armstrong, Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer

Taylor Armstrong, Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer are all smiles in this photo. But a new report sheds light on their private pain.

Unsure how to handle the situation - would Bravo fire her for appearing uncooperative if she didn't show up for filming? - Taylor reportedly confided in Camille Grammer and Kyle Richards. She then told Russell about this conversation with her castmates.

The Bravo mole says he reacted by emailing Camille a "very threatening" message that contained "the rantings of a lunatic."

Taylor's bruises and breaks, meanwhile, required weeks to heal, delaying production on the series. Now, the actual premiere has been pushed back as the network wonders what to do about Russell's suicide.



Wonderful hritosy, insight, and tribute on Elizabeth Taylor. Thanks. Hope it enlightens the “young ones”!


i think that taylor should go of the show and live her life for her daughter .I think it is so sad the whole situation .you can get out of abused realionships we don;t want too her this sad story over and over again .sorry but you are not the only woman that has gone though this you should have left the first time of physical abuse.there is know excues .i know alot of friends and even my family members that have been pysialy abused and they got the hell out if there .no man should ever hit a woman.


Wow, Spencer. Why not tell us how you really feel!


Taylor Armstrong. It's ALWAYS ABOUT HER. Every show she freaks out! She's a immature, self absorbed, selfish, self pity, psycho BEYATCH! I can't stand watching the show anymore because of her. I wish they would take her off the show completely! It would be so much better! Who always wants to watch show after show of the same thing!...Taylor miserable, crying, fighting with almost everyone of the cast, making a huge out burst! If she didn't want info about her to get out, then she should have kept BLOATED LIPS SHUT! GROW UP TAYLOR! I'M SICK OF THE SELF PITTY PARTY YOUR HAVING FOR YOURSELF! I'M SO SICK OF YOU! You Make me sick to my stomach! No wonder Russell killed himself! To get away from the drama that is YOU!


@PhoebeM Taylor married him when he was dead broke and going through BK - Taylor however is and always had been quite well off in her own right. He was a clear control freak, I noticed it in season 1


This is such a horrific situation...for all involved. There needs to be a more detailed contract for these people who decide to star in these "Real Housewives", or Reality shows. For someone to take their own life, tells me that there was some extremely serious problems before starring on a TV show. These show execs need to do more research and back ground checks before filming ever begins.


This is coming from her friends. I want to see a police report or photos detailing this "abuse". Chick sounds like a gold-digger who wiped the guy out with her excessive greed, then publiclly slammed him with phony domestic violence charges which drove him to suicide. These reality housewives are all a bunch of media whores with no conscience. Please, God, pull the plug on this trash.

Valrie walton

Spending all that money they Don't have just to stay in the lime-lite, that's why they are killing themselves, I am not feeling bad for them, don't place your Hat further than you can reach


Are people that dumb? The show didn't make him do it. He was a venture capitalist and investment banker, does anyone know what happened to the stock market? Also think of how selfish he was for doing that, he leaves her with nothing. Suicide doesn't pay. I am sure there are a lot of contributing factors. This show ended its first season a while back and they are just coming out with the possible second season. Are people really that naive to think it was the show, how was it playing out his hardships, it hadn't even started yet. It is sad that she will be left with amounting debt and she will not see a dime but some sacrifices come with a price. It is sad this one was suicide.


this is his last and everlasting act of abuse and insult. it is like saying "sucked in feel bad for what i've done". a cunning and crafty man spinning out his final humiliation and hurt upon her. this will always remain with her so he can taunt her from beyond the grave. what a terrible thing to do. but ratings gold.

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