Sara Leal: Ashton Kutcher Affair Ruined My Life!

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Sara Leal has a message for all those wannabe mistresses out there: It's just not worth it. No matter how hot the married man is.

This 23-year old rose to infamy, of course, by sleeping with Ashton Kutcher in San Diego a few months ago, a transgression that gave her a lot of press and led to the actor's divorce from Demi Moore.

"It was insane. I had no idea what I was getting myself into," Leal now tells Fox News, via The Daily Mirror, of the one-night stand, adding that she lost her job and her family didn't talk to her for weeks as a result of the fling.

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Proof of Infidelity?

Kutcher allegedly told Leal and her pals on the night in question that he was mostly single, a status this blonde never questioned.

"I don’t watch television and I read very few magazines. It never crossed my mind that he was married," she says. "But then he said he was separated, which still doesn’t make things okay, but I wasn’t thinking clearly."

Sara admits the sex-capade was "stupid," but asks: would other women in her position really do things differently?

We'll never know, but Leal says the worst part of the ordeal took place when friends sold photos of her partying in Las Vegas to the tabloids. They don't represent who she is, the trained yoga instructor says.

"Those made me look bad and everyone who knows me on a personal basis knows I am not a crazy slut party girl."


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Fucking whore don't play the victim stupid you knew he was married. If anyones life was ruined, it was Demi's. Who gives a flying fuck about you dumb blonde. Lets hope this teaches you a good lesson stay away from married men slut


I'm only curious how she didn't know he was married.. sounds like a silly excuse though, not watching tv and reading magazines. Especially since he's been around for so long and such. I also bet she uses the internet.


She wasn't the one that was married and if she lost her job for doing something stupid like most people do before they growup well she should sue. She is only 23 he is older and the one that said I DO.


I don't know why people get so judgmental on these things. It doesn't seem right to fire someone for this assuming thats how she 'lost' her job--or pressured to quit). What is this, the Pilgrim era? Give her a break........perhaps people are simply jealous and show it by being nasty to her.

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