North Korea Residents: REALLY Sad Over Death of Kim Jong-Il

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To many Americans, and especially to those behind 30 Rock, Kim Jong-Il was a frightening nut job, a world leader to scoff over and laugh at.

But to thousands of thousands of Pyongyang residents, the man was a national hero, which is why they turned out in droves at Kim's funeral today, crying, screaming and pounding their chests despite frigid weather.

Kim, who died of a heart attack on December 17, lay inside a black hearse during the three-hour ceremony, as the vehicle was followed by dozens of cars and military trucks that drive past major monuments in the capital.

"Even the people, mountains, rivers and the sky are crying for our dear leader," one solider interviewed by North Korean state TV said at the event.

That's probably because the mountains, rivers and skies couldn't actually process that Kim Jong-Il was a manipulative, evil human being.




americans need to understand that their idea of democracy is not everyones idea of democracy, i am african and in my country polygamy is legal(not forced upon, its a free choice). I wish an american will tell me thats wrong, thats women abuse, i will tell them shut the fuck up and worry about ur country. my idea of democracy is not unhealthy mcdonalds or pork, getting drunk at a club or being gay, but i will not judge because to each its own, but yall need to understand that people are raised differently with different belief and in this case communism works for them. they dont know anything different and probaby wouldnt trade to be american for the world.I truly believe that they were really mourning just like lybia mourns for ghaddafi today but the west will tell u he was a dictator, yeah he mighter been a dictator in an americans eyes but who cares ?? he is not ruling your country and your opinion doesnt count, it worked for us and that all that shoulda mattered.


I don't think I saw even a hint of a tear drop on any of those peoples faces. And some of them looked like they were laughing so hard they were crying. I mean, I am sorry for any loss of life and there families but my god you have to admit that this dude was nuts!! It is time like these that I am grateful for living in America and being able to mourn for anyone anyway that I choose too. I wish all of those poor people all the luck in the world now that there new "leader" is this dudes son (?).


Damn cry or die. Aigooo its obviously (fake) trying hard to cry seriously. -_-


I read somewhere that the North Korean public is required to mourn for the loss of their "Supreme Leader" in this loud & public way. If they don't, they may get sent to jail. Kim Jong Il was not only evil, he was also nuts. that you mentioned the 30Rock episode! "Everything sunny all the time always!"