New Year's Eve Premiere Face-Off: Lea Michele vs. Katherine Heigl

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Lea Michele and Katherine Heigl are two of about three dozen huge star who make appearance in the new romantic comedy, New Year's Eve.

Both the Glee star and the former Grey's Anatomy star spend the movie looking for love in New York City. Will they find it?!? Buy a ticket and find out.

However, you need not pay a dime to determine the winner of the following Fashion Face-Off. Just click your mouse one time to cast a vote between the beauties. Then, head over HERE and do the same in a matchup between a pair of Michele and Heigl's New Year's Eve castmates.

Fashion Face-Off!

Lea Michele or Katherine Heigl? Which of these beauties made the best fashion choice at the Hollywood premiere of New Year's Eve? View Poll »


Extreme glam. She hasn't showed like that in years!Very impressive Miss Heigl.


I tend to find KH overweight, mainly because of her huge face that would certainly benefit from her shedding some pounds.But she sure knows how to flaunt what she's got, as long as she wears the right dress! Way to go girl!


Lea for sure.


I go with lea michele

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