Kim Richards Checks into Rehab

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Kim Richards is headed to rehab.

The Real Housewife of Beverly Hills spent a majority of last season denying she had a drinking problem, even after her sister called her out for it on the show's finale. But the following video - in which Richards acts clearly affected by some kind of substance - along with other instances have convinced this 47-year old she needs help.

Entertainment Tonight first reported the news.

Last month, the reality star admitted she's been taking anti-anxiety and antidepressant medications, along with an anti-seizure medication that can be used to treat alcoholism.

But it reportedly took an intervention by Kim's friends to convince her she truly needed assistance. We hope she now gets it, and we have no doubt we'll find out the aftermath on the next season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.


Not me My hbnuasd cooks. No one wants to eat my cooking beyond the age of 4. My food tends to give people gas. I make a mean mac and cheese.


Always in bathrooms but wtf u expect theybdenie it always


Thank god she's a mess looks terrible ..well always did. Honey money can't make u that pretty. Ur a drug addict face it get help before ur dead ...


I like Kim~ I hope everything works out for her!


Watch Kim Richards Enters Rehab Treatment video -


Hopefully, Kim will be able to learn how to live sober. Way to go!! Kudos for having the guts to go to rehab (regardless of how she got there) and face her problems/issues.
On a side note, each woman on the show have so MANY issues of their own. I feel like I'm watching a bunch of females with the mentation of high school girls, NOT mature women.
They all need to GROW UP and get over themselves!! I see nothing special, attractive, intellectual, etc. about any of the cast members (even though each one acts like/thinks/believes they're the cat's meow)....Yes, I know...I can already hear your comments...'Don't watch the show', etc...I watch as a favor to my wife who enjoys the "entertainment".


You just said a load of nothing there didnt you. Kathy Hilton embaressed of her sisters? She bought up Paris (sex tape) hilton u moron


Kim Richards has long been seen as a dim witted light bulb. Finally, there is an indication that she will be having her bolts and screwed tightened. If there is an example of someone Needing a mental makeover it is differently Kim Richards along with her egomaniac sister Kyle Not too far behind her as a close second. Bravo to Bravo for releasing this information. Hopefully after some in house therapy,Kim Richards will become less of a airhead and more of a responsible parent with less ugliness surrounding her behavior and more than a hint of common sense. I can easily believe that younger sister Kathy Hilton is totally embarrassed by the behavior of Kim and Kyle on Housewives!!

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