Report: Intervention Staged for Kim Richards

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She's been caught on tape, seemingly drunk and/or high. She's fought on national TV with her sister on numerous occasions and downed who-knows-how-many glasses of champagne on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

But Kim Richards continues to insist she does not have a drinking problem.

Kim Richards on Bravo

The reality star was allegedly approached by friends and family members this month, according to Star Magazine, as they staged an intervention and tried to get their loved one back into rehab.

"Kim drinks daily and doesn't recognize that she has serious a problem," an insider told the tabloid. "We were all concerned."

How did Kim take the confrontation? Not well. She reportedly denied any issues and just labeled herself a "social drinker."

On a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville accused Kim of taking crystal meth. That led to a pretty big fight.


I think Brandi was spot on. I am currently getting my masters, focusing on substance use/abuse and from what I have seen on the show, she acts like she is using crystal, not just alcohol. The rambling, disorganized speech and quickly aging face (look at last season to this season). The are blaming it on alcohol bc its more "acceptable" and legal. I hope she finds the help she needs.


I think she is a coke head, why would she date a guy for a year and not tell anyone, that girl has got some demons battling against her! Just saying!


First off Kim is a Richards not a Hilton. Her sister Kathy married into the Hilton family. And just because Paris is a mess doesn't make the entire family trash. Hope kim gets the help she needs.


so sad. i remember her from the witch mtn disney movies. such a shame. too bad she is part of the hilton which is all a mess. the only thing good that ever came out of that family is the hampton inns (love them), but the family is trash. get help kim. you had talent as a kid, unlike the rest of your trashy family.

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