The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season Finale Recap: Richards Family Meltdown!

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So much happened on the season finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it's taken us awhile to sift through the carnage. After this nuclear war, the extent of the fallout may not fully be known for years. Or the reunion special.


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    As an adult Kim is as she was when she was a child THE SCAPEGOAT


    Listening to the ladies would help. KYLE keeps saying "Mom had to die worrying about KIM"...THAT is her hurt. This goes way back-you can see the girls on Witch Mountain and Halloween come out. KIM is tired-SHE is saying, "I started working when I was FOUR and I supported the FAMILY and bought Kyle her first car and house, and I feel unappreciated and TIRED. You are sisters, and you can heal. My brother died-suicide. April 22, 2008. NOTHING is worth fighting over. The SILENCE knowing he can never come over or call. Your fight in the limo made my teary. Think if one of you were just GONE one day-just think about it. God Bless. Lisa and Adrienne you rock. God Bless Camille, and Taylor you will get back when you GIVE back!


    So let's get this right in Kyles view it's ok to do porn if you are not Camille, it's ok to drink if you're not Kim, and it's ok to have your 15min of fame if you're not Cedric ! What kind of ego trip are some of them on, honestly! What ever happened btw Cedric and Lisa is inconsequential compared to what she said about him trying to get his 15min, is that only reserved for Kyle and Paris? And God help if Camille overstepped her limit and got an extra minute in Hawaii ! Honestly Cedric would be alot more appreciated on the REAL housewives of Atlanta, who knows Kandi may even write him a song.


    TAYLOR... you are s uck a f'n liar and disgusting human being
    and for your charity quit..cuz your the least charitable person on the planet.. you even gave yo ur dog away cuz you didint want it...and like andy said..YOU STARTED THE FIGHT AND EVERRRRRRRRRRYONE ONT HE PLANET KNOWS IT


    No one can be more fake than Taylor. Taylor is not even her real name!


    The PR machine has really been running overtime in favor of Kyle, yet most of the people posting on all the blogs seem to abhor Kyle's behavior and stand in support of Kim. I sense Bravo is protecting their franchise and one of the "stars" of TRHW shows. I pray Kim doesn't come back for more abuse and stays at arms legnth with that horrid sister of hers. Kim is the only one with real talent for acting, which is what she should stick to. Alcoholism or not, there was no excuse for Kyle's behavior during the entire show.





    If one is to believe, and follow the dubious "logic" of these "ladies?", then Kim is to blame for 911, the ongoing war situation, all natural disasters, the economy, and global warming.


    Kudos ScoodeVille and Elle, you both nailed it well.


    Wow what a lady stupid Taylor is! Attacking Kim at her party was sooo low class. I am a big Fan of Kim! I grew up with her as I am in my late fortys,she is the reason why I starting watching these be- at- ches! Her sister is such a disappointment! What if her children behaved that way toward eachother(oh Kyle let your daughter dress you from now on ..Now she looks and acts like the lady you should be!). Great example loser Kyle. NONE OF US OUT HERE ARE ON YOUR SIDE KYLE,TAYLOR and Camille you get a "Get out of Jail free card from me today- I WILL NEVER WATCH KELSEY AGAIN IN ANYTHING!!!. I LOVED WATCHING ADRIENNE ..Lisa..yuck.. money cant buy what you need. Wow I cant even watch this last one "Taylors Party" I want to take Kim's side and kick her sisters ASS! Bring it this way Kyle pick on someone who can take you..ME! KIM'S FRIEND!

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