Betty White Monday Night Football Intro: Hit or Miss?

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Ever since ESPN announced that Betty White would be doing "A White Christmas" skit for the December 26 Monday night football tilt, we were looking forward to it.

Betty White is the man, after all. Not literally, of course. She's an 89-year-old woman. But she's the coolest octogenarian around, so this had to be good, right?

Meh. If you enjoy a sweet old lady talking about hot NFL QBs, with holiday themes, it was a smash hit. But Hank Williams Jr. is likely smirking somewhere.

On the plus side, Drew Brees set the NFL passing record last night. Here's a nice HD video of Betty White's lead-in to Monday Night Football on ESPN ...


wow! the intro to monday night football sucks. it use to be that the intro would pump you up for the game now you can fall asleep to the intro. it was a brilliant choice to get rid of Hank. its nice to know that a game designed for tough men has nobody with a backbone in the offices.

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