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When Chaz Bono and Jennifer Elia broke up last week, the pair claimed they left their long partnership with “great love, respect and affection toward one another.”

That statement belies the tumult between the pair, one report says.

According to Star, there’s a sordid secret behind the collapse of this 12-year relationship: Jennifer betrayed Chaz in a major way by cozying up to his ex Heidi Shink.

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Jennifer was a guest at a private party hosted by Chaz’s ex-girlfriend Heidi Shink at her L.A. home in mid-November, according to alleged insiders.

“There was a ton of wine and food,” Viktor Budnik, who attended the party, says in an exclusive interview, adding “They were doing wine pairings.”

Wow. That alone sounds super-scandalous right there.

Chaz was nowhere to be seen. As the party got increasingly boozy, people started taking intimate photos that Heidi later posted on her Facebook page.

One shot of Jennifer and her party guests is captioned “La familia!” In another shot, Jennifer is pictured inappropriately clad in pajamas with wet hair.

There you have it. We’re sorry, it’s a slow news week.