Amber Portwood Mug Shot: Released, Miserable

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Sad sack Teen Mom train wreck Amber Portwood is still behind pars, and to add insult to injury, the Indiana native's latest mug shot has just been released.

Not surprisingly, she doesn't look too pleased.

Amber was arrested Monday after she failed to show up to her latest probation hearing ... and authorities sent to Amber's house found pills in her purse.

She couldn't prove she had a prescription for the pills, resulting in a clear violation of probation and another stint in jail for Portwood. Cue the mug shot:

Amber Portwood Mug Shot (New)

Portwood was on probation after she was convicted of domestic battery for attacking her ex-fiance, Gary Shirley. Amber's sentence to two years in jail was suspended, provided Portwood stuck to the rules of her probation, which was highly unlikely.

After her latest arrest, Amber could end up spending her Christmas behind bars - for the second consecutive year. A court hearing is reportedly set for January 13, and given the circumstances surrounding her case, don't expect bail to be offered.

Oh well. Check out THG's ever-expanding gallery of celebrity mug shots!


I feel that Amber has treated EVERYONE around her with such cruelty and this is what she deserves. Her husband has been belittled long enough! I am a female and I feel she deserves every bit of what is happening to her!! That poor little girl deserves a good mother too!


her poor pathetic kid...if this walking pile of poop had an iota of class or dignity she'd give that kid up for adoption


how drunk would I have to be to have sex with this hog Amber...I've never been that drunk...Lord dear sweet Jesus in Heaven please let Amber kill herself,thank you jesus




Uhh... Amber is a fighter wow behind bars for chriXmas that's suxz... How bout her daughter no spending time with her.. She should of think before she acted to her ex-fiance gary he was a good guy.. She's a crazy b*tch lol but i love watching teen mom!!! GO :-)


isn't she just beautiful..... vomit


This is one person I have zero empathy for. Enjoy jail, good riddance.

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