Amber Portwood: JAILED For Probation Violations!

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Looks like Amber Portwood is back jail.

It's not entirely clear why at this time, but a judge issued a warrant for her arrest today, and it was executed. The Teen Mom star was apprehended and booked.

The arrest may be related to Amber's most recent alleged probation violations, including a fight she got into at a restaurant last month or a new one entirely.

Amber Portwood is currently being booked at Madison County Jail in her home state of Indiana, where she's now expected to spend the night ... and the holidays.

Amber Portwood Crying

She's due to face a judge on January 13 for violating probation. We're talking every single one of her probation terms. Think Lindsay Lohan style, but worse.

Amazingly, if she does spend Christmas behind bars, it will be the second consecutive year that's happened to Amber. Signs you may have some issues ...

UPDATE: Amber's brother Shawn tells E! News that his sister missed her most recent probation hearing and, as a result, authorities went to her house.

While there, they went through her purse and found some "old pills" that Amber said were from an earlier prescription ... which she couldn't produce proof of.

Therefore, she was jailed, release date TBA. Sheriff's deputies say it "will be up to the courts to decide" how long she stays there. Not looking good.

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I don't like Amber at all. She has been in jail, who know's how many times, and she has so many anger problems!! I was watching teen mom the other day and Amber had a freaking melt down, because she couldn't get Leah, or because Gary the dad was getting custody! He need's Leah, Amber has too many anger problems and her own personal problems also! Let's face it, Amber doesn't deserve to have Leah except maybe 2 weeks out of the month, she will rub off on Leah and the little girl don't need that stuff! Girl teens usually take care of the baby, and all because all the boy wants is sex.. its common sense! In this case, Gary is the mature good daddy that people need. Amber needs to grow up and mature! I understand that being a teen mom is hard, but I mean come on Amber........ GROW UP!!!!!!


Went to jail for possession of a controlled substance.


This young woman has psychological problems which are not being addressed and all her behaviours seem be coming from deep frustration. Her treatment of her boyfriend was not easy to watch and it was predictable that she would end up in this horrible mess. Unless she gets the correct help this will be her fate for years to come - maybe forever. I don't believe prison is the answer.


Im a teen mom myself & I would never be out creating problems for myself or my child. She is not a fit parent & should be setting a good example for her daughter, not giving her a shitty role model. She needs a good therapist, rehab, & jail time to get her mind right.


Suitepee that's the point of the tv show they want teens to look at it and say they don't want kids and because of that show teen pregnancy has went down why would they put teens on a show talking about they living the good life cause they got pregnant at a young age that would be a pointless show


Suitepee that's the point of the tv show they want teens to look at it and say they don't want kids and because of that show teen pregnancy has went down why would they put teens on a show talking about they living the good life cause they got pregnant at a young ass that would be a pointless show


Teen mom isn't glorifying anything. If you see the rate of teen pregnancy, it has gone down. Also the show even convinced me to not want kids right now. There lives are ANYTHING but glamorous.


This young girl needs help. She hit the boyfriend. She gets in trouble with the law. Whos to say if she is with her daughter she wont hit her. LiLo,is not any better. Shoplifter,dui and who knows what else. They both need help and some good old fashion butt whoopins! Thats what more kids need today. Then maybe they would be on the right track!


Amber needs to get her act straight because she will keep on going to jail if you keeps on doing this to herself. They could even take her baby away from her and give it to her boy friend and NEVER see her boy friend again. I would NEVER do anything to my child if I had one because I don't want my kid seeing me go to jail and on see the baby ever again. Amber is a fucking bitch on t.v. i hate her


Amber needs to get it together; in the meanwhile Gary and his mom need to take care of Leah. Leah is so precious and she deserves to have a good life and at this time Amber is not capable of giving her that. Amber needs therapy because she has some serious issues that need to be addressed; but I feel that Amber is not that bad, she loves her daughter she just needs help.