Amber Portwood Facing Jail Time After Violating EVERY ONE of Her Probation Terms

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As crazy as this sounds, Amber Portwood should take some cues from Lindsay Lohan.

The Teen Mom train wreck could end up in prison for up to two YEARS after she allegedly violated the terms of her probation - all of them, and repeatedly.

Similar to LiLo, her probation includes ONEROUS tasks such as staying sober in public and not beating up people. Clearly too much to juggle all at once.

Amber Portwood's probation officer claims she committed these violations:

Amber Portwood Mugshot
Amber Portwood Mug Shot
  • Failure to obtain a GED.
  • Failure to pay probation fees.
  • Failure to set up a $10,000 college fund for her baby daughter.
  • Failure to complete six months of anger control evaluation and classes.
  • Our personal favorite: Failure to behave well in society. Presumably this includes drinking too much and hitting a person at a restaurant last month.

The reason this is all a big deal is that Amber Portwood was given two years in jail after being convicted of beating the crap out of baby daddy Gary Shirley, however Amber's sentence was suspended on the condition that she complete probation. Yeah.

Amber's due back in court for a hearing in January, when she'll have the opportunity to explain herself. She may want to give Shawn Holley a call, STAT.


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Talk about pathetic... between her and janelle idk who's worse. They're both money grubbing whores who care nothing for their children and yet MTV puts them on tv for millions of teens 2 look up 2. SAD


Weight has nothing to do with anything. Ridiculously skinny girls on tv give the girls watching these shows the wrong impression that the sickly skinny girls are the way to be. If this girl was a black girl what would you all be saying about her then...??




@tmac -- way to fat for tv? wow who are you to judge, i mean i'm not a fan of her. but to judge her on her weight is awful. it's people like you that make people have eating disorders and self-esteem issues.


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What a total loser...and they say that African Americans are violent? SERIOUSLY? White trash. Racist pigs. And side note: this chick is way, way too fat for TV.


I wish she would just go away.......

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