The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Baby Shower Brawlin'

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Since when does a baby shower include brawling house husbands? Looks like that's the way they do things in Atlanta, or at least on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

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    You can be bhneid, and it doesn't matter until the mother makes a stink. And it's up to the mother if his life is going to be a living hell. At least in ATL. It is different in other states.


    i think sheree do hate on NeNe. so what if NeNe believes she's rich, at least she is promoting her self and making her money. many people have different definition of rich. Sheree is living off child support, what has she really done soo far her, brand SHE has not even launched. and the part where Peter borrowed money from Cynthia, guess what she's his wife. i think people should back off. it not embrassing for a husband to borrow money from his wife. both knew about each financial situation before they married. i dont understand why many believe its wrong for a man to borrow money from his wife. woman does the same thing. (im not gender bias becaus eim a female)i think blame should go to pheadra for st


    During the "showdown" at Kim's event. Just like any other racist Southern white said "This is not the hood." Come on Kim, clearly you are with the wrong housewives.... Kim is a racist! Slavery is over, show your assistant more respect with dignity.


    Love Paedra's comment : "Were they out of snacks at their house?"I live near Bar One in Atlanta, it's only a block from our house there, so I think it's high time my husband and I paid a little visit. We always try to support our neighborhood there.Please, can anyone answer this question: What does NeNe do that permits her tocall herself "rich"? Somehow, I doubt the pay from this show is substantial enough to justify qualifying oneself as "rich."I'm also sure that being an intern at 11-Alive news in Atlanta is not exactly a well-paying gig, if it even pays at all!So how exactly could you be rich, NeNe? Are you some sort of secret heiress? Why shore, of course you are, sugar.


    Peter won that arguement with apollo. Apollo seemed a little tense and nervous to me.


    Phaedra Parks the 'southern bell', in actuality she puts her foot in her mouth every chance she gets. Phaedra you stayed in the country too long, law might work for you if you learn how to speak appropriately.
    Phaedra is not a asset to the franchise, get rid of her!


    Kim is such a ego maniac; Kim has a personality disorder and sooner or later she will show her real self to Croy and he will have to put her in her place; Kim is not a rich princess, she is dependent upon men to validate her as a woman. Kim wants to show the entire world how she hates Black people; she disrespects the other housewives and uses Sweety as a flunky. Please get her off of the Real Housewives of Atlanta she is a disgrace; and a poor example for a mother.


    What world does Beyonnca/Nene live in? Its obvious that this is Nene or one of her cloneys. This article isnt even about Sheree. Furthermore, what show are you watching? I doubt ANY of these women are jealous of Nene! Why would they be? Maybe you should think before you type. Follow Nene on Twitter and every week its Nene who cant stop talking about Shere, Kim, Phaedra! Nene hates herself and anyone that is happy. She is pathetic and its apparent that she is not use to anything. She is the only one on the show who was living a lie and guess which dummy fell for it, Beyonnca? You are delirious and have no clue along with loud mouth, ghetto, man looking, ape looking, envious, hateful, sorry Nene. I hope she is taken off the show. She represents nothing or no one that I know or want to know. Also, Nene stop with the I'm rich crap, we all know your NOT! Maybe one day, but today, NOT!


    Sheree's so pathetic, she never misses an opportunity to bash NeNe. Why did Peter and Apolo's argument lead Sheree's brain to NeNe. Sheree said " Peter is just like NeNe, All talk". Sheree is so obsessed with NeNe. What's funny is how NeNe doesn't even care to mension Sheree's name. NeNe could care less. It was refreshing to see NeNe on Wendy Williams show and when asked about Sheree, NeNe down played the subject then seg-wayed to something else. I was so proud. Who is Sheree anyway. I noticed on Bravo's "Before they were Real Housewives of Atlanta" the show depicted NeNe, Kandi, Phaedra and Kim. The fact that Sheree had no interesting backstory for Bravo to dig up spoke valumes. Sheree was obviously as boring then as she is now.


    I think it was a nice gesture for her boyfriend since like she said it was his first child and it was a boy. At the end of the day they would never do anything less than what the producers want them to do.

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