Star Defense Witness in Dr. Conrad Murray Trial: Fined, Held in Contempt!

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Dr. Conrad Murray's defense received yet another blow Monday when his most important witness was held in contempt of court and fined $1,000.

Charged with involuntary manslaughter in the June 2009 death of Michael Jackson, Murray sought the help of Dr. Paul White, an expert in anesthesia.

White repeatedly violated court orders to by testifying about his private conversations with Murray, however, and the judge came down on him hard.

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"Quite frankly, this constitutes direct contempt of court," Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael E. Pastor told White, the defense team's final witness.

White told the jury he believes that Jackson took extra doses of two drugs, including the powerful anesthetic Propofol, while Murray's back was turned.

White suggested on Monday that while he thinks Michael Jackson killed himself, it wasn't a suicide attempt and MJ didn't know the "potential danger."

Monday marked the second time Pastor held White in contempt – the first was October 21, when White called a member of the prosecution a vulgarity.

Yesterday's sanction was ordered after an intense exchange between White and D.A. David Walgren, who grilled him about Murray's medical decisions.

He conceded that Murray's treatment of Michael Jackson deviated from standards of care, many of which are delineated in articles and books by White.

White conceded that it was unheard of for Murray to administer Propofol in a home setting, that Dr. Murray lacked sufficient monitoring equipment.

He was also forced to admit that Murray failed to write notes about his treatment of the pop singer, and that Murray should have called 911 sooner.

But White refused to call these "egregious" errors ... despite prosecution witnesses rattling off 17 ways in which his care likely led to MJ's passing.

When Walgren asked if it was true that Murray supplied Propofol, White countered that he understood that MJ procured his own Propofol stash as well.

He also said that he believed Jackson could have injected Propofol from a partially-filled syringe that Murray may have left in Jackson's bedroom.

Pastor then sent the jury outside and complained that White was basing that on private conversations with Murray, rather than his statements to police.

Later in the day, White testified that he had additional information to share with the jury but the judge told him he couldn't, holding him in contempt.

Closing arguments are expected to take place this week. It's not looking good for the doc, who faces up to four years in prison if he's convicted.


It happens very often that doctors prescribe some medication and because people fail to dose it apropriately major catastrophies happen. After all the surgery Michael Jackson had done on him in oder to find favor in the eyes of the media he suffered terribly and probably all the doctor did was to act to the best of his knowledge and judgement in order to relieve his patient from his pain. You can't destroy the life of the doctor if the patient -hopefully by mistake - takes an overdose. What motive could the doctor have to kill his patient?


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@to wacko was a junky: for your information not all of michael's fans are on welfare i've been a huge fan for many years and never have been on welfare.. i hope that when you die that some one takes a shit on your grave people like you make me sick you don't like michael but you seek him out can't find another web to go to???????? dr. murray will be found guilty and will do some time!!! rest in peace michael!!!!! and for all the other haters you know where you can go!!


Truth is..isn't it funny ashley asswipe and all her nics are here too? Floon gives herself away because she can't spell "a lot". Wacko was a flunky. Murray is still a good man who was sucked in by jacko. Who didn't jacko suck in?


Ashley asswipe, you show no signs of being a normal human being. When was the last time you saw the light of day? The few wacko fans are not functioning in society yet have no problem sucking off our welfare system. Wacko was a junky. He would have died no matter what doctor he lured in to get propofol. Wacko was a fraud and a master manipulator. Thank god he can't harm his purchased kids no more.


thatruth5 Uneducated twit who spams every wacko story. mjloser4life, you just prove wacko attracted what he was. A loser. He's dead because he was a cold hard junky. Doctor shopping fraud molested and neglected his own purchased kids. Good riddence. Even if Murray is found guilty. He still wins. wacko is dead and rotting in hell. No jail time for Murray. Yeah!!


i think alot of yall have great points of views, sum of u have slighty managed 2 change my opinion on how i viewed this case. The Dr. should be charged with negligence, but not manslaughter. MJ knew the effects of the drugs & 2 mix them 2gether was so dumb-founded (God, u kno i dont mean it like that). But common sense tells ALL of us what wud happen f we mixed drugs 2gether, so, Dr shud def pay 4 what he did, but not an inv.manslt charge. & btw, sum1 said MJ cud've gotten any drug from any1, soooo TRUE!!! Or he def wud've killed himself even with there being not 1 Dr around.


Fact: Murray is guilty of gross negligence.
Fact: MJ was a child molester. Deal with it.


Murray's defense team proves that the old saying, Birds of a feather flock together," is very, very true. Like Murray, they are high-priced sleaze artists who don't hesitate to lie and cheat. Thankfully, prosecutor Walgren has done an excellent job of at least slowing, if not altogether halting, their arrogant & flagrant disregard of the true facts about how Murray directly caused the death of a man who trusted him with his life.


I am curious about mj functioned with all the drugs in his system. I am sure that he had a high drug tolerance, however, he was rehearsing and using a tremendous amount of energy, so where did this energy come from after all the sedation. Propofol, demerol, lorazepam, medazalin and who know what else. I am hung over after a small dose of my sleep meds. I cannot stand to watch Walgren,who bullies, patronizes and is generally disrespectful to defense witnesses.

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