Witness Against Dr. Conrad Murray: 17 Ways For Michael Jackson to Die ...

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The case against him was looking strong anyway, but prosecution's main expert against Dr. Conrad Murray shredded the physician on the stand yesterday.

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    @AwgYDawgYdaddy mj didnt victimize any child and @Gwhite mj help out alot ppl and kids using his own money wat did yall do 2 help out ppl in this world SHIT! So both of yall can go 2 HELL!


    Let mj r.i.p he is in a better place now im pretty sure he dosent want 2 hear or be remineded of da bad memories he had while he was still on this earth trust me i wouldnt want 2 hear or be remineded of the memories i had
    if i was dead and yall ppl wouldnt ethier so leave mj alone dis whole mj thing is so old and p.s dr conrad is guilty


    Dr Conrad is guilty


    I am no fan of Michael Jackson, but I agree with Dr Shafer. What Murray did was indefensible. At the same time, if Murray had behaved in an ethical way then Jackson would certainly not have hired him and he would not now be facing trial. Both men are to "blame" for what happened. The one that remains alive has to pay. He should stand up in court and say "It's a fair cop, guv and I hold my hands up. You got me banged to rights. I done it and there's no two ways about it"


    @to awgydawgydaddy: michael didn't molest anyone this is about dr.murray on trial not michael and for@g.white: you call michael worthless he gave so much money to 39 different charties what the hell have you done???????????????????????????????????????????????? i just hope that they find dr.murray guilty!!




    This fool's medical license should be lifted FOREVER, in addition to a long prison sentence. He is not only incompetent, but with no trace of ethics or consideration for his patients' health. He should never be allowed anywhere near patients again, even as a nurse or assistant.

    Jackson was a depraved, worthless human being himself, and certainly contributed to his own death in many ways, but even he deserved better care than this.





    Jacksons death just might be justice for all the children he victimized.......what goes around comes around...give Murray an award


    Just my opinion I think he should get the death penalty to bad California doesn't do that anymore. Send his stupid ass to Texas they still do, an eye for an eye!

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