Sister Wives Season Finale Recap: Welcome, Solomon!

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In typical reality show fashion, we already knew about Kody Brown's 17th child being born well before the episode aired, but Sunday we got a behind-the-scenes look.

The emotions leading up to Robyn's delivery of son Solomon were wide-ranging, including those of Kody's first three wives, Meri, Christine and Janelle.

How did the original three take it? What else went down?

Kody Brown, Wife Robyn, Baby

At lunch, Robyn says she's nervous about how Kody feels about another child.

Meri, Christine and Janelle reassure her that "Kody's great" and that she's going to feel "relieved." Just what one wants to feel when one's spouse cares. Relief.

Robyn tells the wives that they are the reason Kody is so great. Heartfelt? Most likely. Politically savvy comment? Absolutely. You gotta get in good right now.

Christine may be coming around as a result, too.

Making peace with Robyn, she admits, "Being jealous of her, what it really did, it made her feel like she wasn't welcome. That I didn't want her as a sister wife."

"I welcome Solomon as my son and I promise to be better," Christine adds, while Janelle is just sort of excited. Excited, but not get-up-at-all-hours excited.

Meri observes, "It'll be fun to have Solomon, but it'll be very different than if it were my own." Ya think, Meri? She and Robyn have become very close, though.

She says she always wanted to feel that deep kind of connection with a sister wife and Robyn was the first to provide that. Oh, snap, Christine and Janelle.

Sister Wives Family Picture

After the due date comes and goes (by two weeks), Robyn goes into labor, at home, and gives birth, at home. This happened on October 25, so it's pretty timely.

Meri came over to say, "Good luck! Happy pushing!" Read: I'm glad it's not me! A few hours later and voila, Kody and Robyn welcomed their first child together.

"I was impressed," Kody said. "Here's our dream come true."

Wonderful. Perhaps the most startling moment of the night, in a good way, came when Robyn said she needed to talk to Meri alone. But not to stir up drama.

"I want to know if you want me to be your surrogate," she says.

Meri can't bear children, so this is one incredible offer ... from the woman also married to her husband. Robyn is genuine in her offer, and Meri is clearly moved.

In this family-themed episode, the other 16 Brown children talked about the move from Utah to Vegas. It's going well, for the most part. Keep the faith, kids.

Well, that's that. What did you think of this season of the quirky TLC reality hit? What do you think of Kody Brown and his four beloved Sister Wives in general?


I love sister wives!!!! I feel they should live their lives the way that they want. As long as they are happy, who cares? It's there lives, nobody elses. They all seem to be happy and get along, even the children. I've seen this show since the beginning and feel that this family shouldn't have to leave Utah because of their lifestyle. The house that they were living in, everyone was together. Now everyone is so far apart. That is sad to me for a family. I can't wait for the next season. I'm constantly looking for the show to see if it is on. :(


I love sister wives. I just liked it better before Robin joined the family. They all seemed to really love each other and Robin seems fake to me. I am not sure why but I do not like her in the family. Kody and the other wives seemed to be a great family and now it is not the same. Wish she had not joined.


The only sister wive who "gets it" is Christine. Ladies, look at the older shows and you will see Robyn freaked out with jealously once at a house party and once when she motivated everything so she would be #1...a.) she went and made sure Meri was her friend and had her back b.) she bulled Kody with the story about her parents being on a 42 year honeymoon and that's what she wants for her marriage with Kody...note the adoring looks, etc. c.) she ignores being self sufficient because her "needs" keep Kody closeby d.) offered to have Meri's child which would endure her to both Meri and Kody forever...I would not trust her ever!


Where the heck to they get their money from, building new houses, driving nice cars, does anyone work or do the wifes draw welfare for the kids!! I know TLC must pay some $ but come on, is welfare involved?


When is Sister Wives returning to TV in England? The last we saw, Robyn was still pregnant.


Meri, I think it was really great that Robyn offered to have your baby, but think yours is almost grown, and youcan keep Soloman like you want to and send him back when you need a break, I wouldn't do it, that way you now can enjoy some Meri time. I am praying for ya'll!


I really think Cody and Robyn are just all wrapped up in each other.The other wives could disappear and they wouldnt care.I love the show. Cody needs to chill out before he has a heart attack.God bless them all.


I love the Brown family and I have fallen in love with the whole family, Meri,Janelle, Christine and Robyn are the kind of personalities I look for in my own friends, I am looking forward to season 4 because I miss them. I missed the entire season of season 3 and hope to see the re-runs on TLC to catch up. I couldnt share my husband but to each his own I dont judge anyone I am definatly their friend and would be so sad if the show ended


I love sister wives!! They really opened my eyes to there way of living. Does anyone know when season 4 is airing?


Love watching sister wives. Hope they are never split up by the government.

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