Sister Wives' Child #17: First Pic!

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown welcomed his 17th child yesterday.

Today, we bring you the first look (courtesy of TLC) of Solomon.

Solomon Brown was born at the polygamous family's Las Vegas home at 2:02 Wednesday morning, weighing in at 9 lbs, 10.5 oz. Here is the little angel with father Kody, mom Robyn, and sort-of moms Meri, Christine and Janelle ...

Kody Brown, Family

Robyn's pregnancy was the focus of Sister Wives' Season 3 premiere.

Solomon joins Mariah, Madison, Savanah, Logan, Hunter, Garrison, Gabriel, Aspyn, Mykelti, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, Truely, Paedon, Dayton, Aurora and Breanna.

Three of the children are Robyn's from a previous relationship, so this is her first child with Kody, who has fathered the other 13 kids with the Sister Wives.

Congratulations to the happy, unconventional, ever-expanding family!

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What do you think about women having multiple husbands?


Ok so I'm loving the show , I watch it every Sunday and look forward to it !! I think kody is great and the wives all bring something special and unique to the table ... They are all great n their own ways . And I like the episode where the girls all went to the gym and were talking and were talking about their weight , I think people forget sometimes that there really are men out there that like big women , my husband does . I'm a bigger woman and I think it took a lot of courage for those woman even little Robyn to step on the scales infront of the whole world , and I hope that they all get healthy and feel great about their selves cause weight is such an issue for so many woman and I myself are one of those woman , so I hope next season they all feel great and have gotten healthier even if they haven't lost alot of weight as long as they feel good about their selves !! But also congrats on the new baby to the family


This is awesome what you guys are doing. Yes all of you are wonderfull people and to get along so you are a great father to all of your kids and you are an awesome husband to the wives. I love watching the shows and congrats on the newest little one.


congratulaions on the birth of ur son its so nice to c a loving family.i cant wait to c u back on our tv.i no u have had alot of people against wot u r doing but its ur life go for it, u have lovley kids good luck to u all xxxxx


bobo you need a life not everyones gonna throw you a pitty party i on the other hand love the brown family and if my son chooses to marry 3 or 6 wives i will support him he will be 2 soon i love you all kody,meri,jannelle,christine,robyn,Mariah, Madison, Savanah, Logan, Hunter, Garrison, Gabriel, Aspyn, Mykelti, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, Truely, Paedon, Dayton, Aurora and Breanna.solomon if you guys need my support and help i am on facebook contact me any time


I really enjoy watching the Brown family. They all seem like nice people. I however do not enjoy nast comments such as the one posted by BOBO WITCH. Why would you say something so mean? You make yourself sound like those ignorant people who feed off each others fears. Are you so scared and insecure? I should pitty you rather than be discusted by your mean mouth. It must be scary for you to live with yourself.


Kody needs a HAIRCUT in a bad way. He looks like a shaggggggggyyyy dog! I feel sorry for the first 3 wives, it's obvious Kody likes Robyn more. You didn't see Kody looking so proud of Christine's when she had her baby girl a year ago, he was off making out with Robyn when she was giving birth. Sad sad sad, I like the wives, but I feel sorry for them that they don't have a full time husband and father around EVERYDAY to share their lives with.


i love the wives, kody not so much, and the kids are great, where is the father of robyn's kids, and how does he fit in the picture


@ BOBO what a nasty thing to say. Just for the record this is not how the majority of people feel. Congrats on a healthy baby.


i think sister wives is great and shame in all the people putting them down. i say if the family is happy who are we to past judgment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!