Scott Disick: Banned From Dancing With the Stars Set Over Kristin Cavallari Fling?

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Rob Kardashian has had one heck of a run, tangoing his way to the Dancing With the Stars finals on ABC this fall. Along for the ride in the audience? His entire family.


Absent until October 31 was Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian's baby father. That's 'cause Kristin Cavallari was still on the show until then, Life & Style says.

Say what?

Scott Disick, Sunglasses
Kourtney Kardashian Kover
Kristin Cavallari, Sunglasses

The celebrity gossip magazine alleges that just before Kourtney became pregnant with her and Scott's child, he was putting it to Kristin, a DWTS hopeful this fall.

"While Kourtney and Scott were on a break, Scott hooked up with Kristin," a friend reveals. "Kourtney can't stand her now and didn't want Scott at show tapings."

A Kardashian pal confirms that "Scott and Kristin definitely hooked up in Las Vegas during a time [February 2009] that he was on a break from Kourtney."

The Kardashian insider adds that both Kourt and Scott were BFFs with Kristin Cavallari, who used to date Kourtney's stepbrother Brody Jenner, at one point.

That was then, though, and this is now.

She and Kristin have been enemies ever since. "Kourtney was furious," the friend says. "She and her sisters have called Kristin 'the whore bag' ever since."

The most surprising part of this report? That Scott Disick actually scored with both of these girls. Look at him, wearing sunglasses at night! What a douche.


no1 wants scott but kourtney. y only god himself knows. he could take a picture with a girl and they all gang up on her. i find it funny she will hate any girl who gets near him but not him. he is a jackass who makes her look like a fool. she is mad for a second then is back with him again. now she knocked up again. i laugh at her and scott


What is wrong with everyone? You all that hate them so much must not have a life of your own. Go get a life because the K Family has a life that everyone seems to like. They are on TV just like everyone else whom is FAMOUS. They are no different then all other ACTORS. Where their acting is not real it is jus a reality show? The Kardashian Family is out there making $$$ just like the others. HATERS like you are just so jealous that they are making more $$$ then you. Go get a life and quite worrying so much about the K Family.


God I hope your right. America is tired of that Armenian Band of Trash Gypsies. This crap is not a way of Life- its a phase that will soon Pass- Hopefully! Maybe it's stylish to have a Legacy that says - I was a Slut that Spread my Legs in Front of the Camera! Where I come from they call that a Whore! Then again I'm not a Liberal! Maybe that explains it!

Maryanne gaeta

I don't know if anyone else has noticed but the E channel has not been showing the reality show lately of the Kardashians....I hope and pray they take into consideration that people in America don't want them on tv or anywhere for that matter.... As for Scott Disick, i believe Kristin.....You can't believe anyone of the trashians or people who are associated with them....nuf said....


I gotta go with the majority on this one. Kim is a fake and has mislead her fans and the general public with her instant wedding. She should return the gifts and the RING to Kris who was taken for a publicity ride to nowhere except on the proverbial bus. They drummed up this opulent wedding and broadcasted on "E" merely to boost ratings. OMG what a family will do for popularity


Another frickin made up Kris Jenner must payoff people really well....just like Rob in DWTS.


one other thing, this isn't the first time Scott stepped out on Kourtney and who can blame him, she isn't the most attractive, her voice alone is nauseating and she seems dumb. Why isn't he in the dog house? Is poor Kourtney so desperate to keep him that she blames all the other women that lured poor unsuspecting Scott and he is therefore blameless.


yeah, i stopped to after I heard that Kim and Khloe were using the internet to lure their fans into calling under the guise that Kim was releasing Justin Bievers number and Khloe was pretending to be Rob and telling the gay community he was "coming out." but this is likely the only job this guy will ever have.


Oh, and the fact that Kristen was booted out of DWTS, but Rob is still there is ridiculous. The show isn't about dancing at all. Stopped watching it.


Kristen denies it and I believe her over the Trashdashians any day. They just have no morals at all.

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