Might Teresa Giudice Lose Her Kids?!?

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Pretty much everything you see from Teresa Giudice on television is fake.

But a new report claims this Real Housewife of New Jersey and her husband, Joe, could be in some serious trouble. Simply put, an insider tells The National Enquirer: "I think Teresa and Joe will lose their kids if they don’t clean up their act."

Teresa Giudice Sucks

That act allegedly includes violent outbursts and alcohol-fueled benders. Joe, according to this tabloid, even took a spill and bloodied his mouth recently... while holding young daughter Gia.

“If Teresa had any brains at all, she wouldn’t leave her girls alone with Joe when he’s drinking,” said the mole. “It’s an accident waiting to happen. Child Protection Services needs to watch a few episodes and they’d see for themselves that there’s enough evidence to use in a child neglect case.”

The couple has four daughters - Gia, 10, Gabriella, 7, Milania, 5 and Audriana, 2 - and has faced multiple legal issues over the last year or so.

In January, for instance, Joe had to pay a former business partner $260,000 because he forged his name on a mortgage document. He was also arrested in March.


Why do people like to judge in the bible it says wit the same measure that u use it will measure bak to u people need to mind their own business and dont involve her kids look at ur own LIVES PEOPLE

Kellie m

The article says Joe fell down while holding Gia...ummm why would he be carrying/holding a 10 yr old. That is BS. I'm not a Teresa/Joe fan by any means but c'mon. They had to have gotten that wrong. But then again this is a tabloid they got the story from....cuz these 'reporters' can't come up with their own stories. THG leave the tabloids alone and get your own stories. You are making yourself look worse than the people you write about ffs!!!


Teresa is one of the ugliest people I've ever seen - inside and out. Her husband is a gorilla. She's an ugly cow, a crappy mother and for God's sake - have some laser hair removal on that forehead of yours. Oh, and go back to school because you're stupid beyond belief.


Chelly ur wrong but at least your the first person not on teresas side who can say more than shes unintelligent


whoa chelly relax baby its a tv show unless this is secretly caroline dnt let mogs gay ass find out hahahahahaha


fuck any1 who duznt like teresa. take a look at that old ugly bully caroline, she is the biggest cunt ive EVER seen in my life. shes mad bcuz the show duznt surround her family anymore, and she looked like a fuckin retard at the reunion. wat the fuck was she talkin about teresa crusifyd melissa and cathy to america hahaha thats a little dramatic 2 say about that sitchuation, not 2 mention that was already resolved so idk y she was even bringin it up. seems to me shes just tryin to bring anything up to make teresa look bad. so fuckin pathetic she needs to act her age


What the bleep... you people are crazy, Teresa is a great great mother. I hate mellisa Gorga, She is a disgrase to the family.


I'm not Teresa, nor am I a family member of hers. I'm probably not even going to watch next season (but that's more because of Bravo and Melissa Gorga).
This program has gotten out of control. What it has done to their lives is tragic: and no, Teresa SHOULD NOT lose her kids. She is a mother that loves her girls very much. This is wrong. The Gorgas should watch the stones they throw. Joe Gorga was drunk at his sons Christaning and completely out of control. This was one of many times on the show and off I'm sure that his children were subjected to his drinking and crazy behavior.


theresa is a disgrace. can't stand when she blesses herself & calls herself a catholic. get a life.


Mog! Shut upp! Teresa is so busy to be in this comment page! Hello!! I am her #1 greek fan. (Hello) again shut ur trap. People noone is perfect.. Worry about real kids that need helpppp. Come on. Mog ur an idiot!! Team tre!

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