Amanda Knox Cat Burglar Costume: Good Fun or Bad Taste?

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Almost four years to the date after her roommate Meredith Kercher was brutally murdered by a still unknown intruder in Italy, Amanda Knox went out for Halloween.

Dressed up as a cat burglar.

Knox, recently acquitted of the crime after an appeal that set her free following years behind bars, is a free woman now and trying to assimilate into regular society.

This may not help her ...

Knox's costume seems relatively harmless at first, but when you stop and think about it, it could be seen as insensitive. Or a bit desperate. Or insane and vindictive.

Could she really be so clueless that she wouldn't consider how this might be seen by others? Or was she trying to make a statement ... consciously or otherwise?

Is it possible part of her is addicted to the limelight? Maybe she knew that dressing up as a criminal would get people talking. Maybe it's a big eff-off to authorities?

We'll never know, because she's not talking. But it makes you wonder.

What do you think of Amanda Knox's Halloween costume?