Michael Lohan Charged With All Sorts of Crimes

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THG's favorite middle-aged miscreant, Michael Lohan, has officially been charged in connection with his two recent arrests involving his ex Kate Major.

If convicted, he faces up to four years behind bars.

Lohan was arrested twice in as many days last month, first for allegedly attacking Major in her apartment, then for allegedly violating a restraining order 24 hours later by trying to contact her by phone ... and trying to flee the cops.

Michael Lohan's Mug Shot

MiLo was hit with two misdemeanors for the first incident, in which he was arrested for domestic violence. He's charged with that and a violation of a domestic injunction.

He faces two more misdemeanor counts for the second bust - resisting arrest without violence and violating a condition of pretrial release (after the first arrest).

If convicted on all charges, Michael faces a max of four years in jail. He's actually spent time there before, years ago, for his involvement in an insider trading scandal.

Explains a lot about Lindsay Lohan, doesn't it?

No word if Mike will be released on bond as he awaits trial, but we saw how well that worked out last time. If so, Kate Major might want to get a bodyguard.


All you simple minded idiots
do not have the common sence to find the nuculis to the problem that escalated these issues.




@ashh I am more sick of hearing about the Kardashians for sure, but at least they've stayed out of prison. Unfortunately crimes against common sense and attention whoring aren't illegal.


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Come on Michael...pull it together already!!


Among other things, this man has a "MAJOR" PROBLEM!!


omg im so sick of hearing about the lohans... theyre almost as bad as the kardashians. GOOD LORD! just lock milo and lilo in jail for a while and call it a day.

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